Locate the extra time


Begin to study right now


You probably have a lot of reasons and excuses for not doing homework, but if you always difficult to finish the business and get to work, it means that you like to postpone everything for later. Where to take the time to study, which is so lacking? Begin to engage in now!


Do you really need an hour of computer games after school to relax? It may be rational to immediately start work, until new information is still fresh in your head. If you set it aside for a few hours, you will have to re-re-read the synopsis and try to get back to being on what you left off. Study when you still remember everything.


If you have three days in which to read some text, do not leave the task on the last day. Divide the text into fragments and take the time to read each of the three days. Even if the deadline for the task will come not soon, it does not mean that it is necessary to pull up to the last, because it is easier to do everything before. Try and get up earlier or going to bed later, it appeared to have a little more time. The main thing – do not overdo it!


Do homework on the way home


You will be surprised how much time is wasted. If you have a long ride on the bus home, try to make some not very difficult task in the way, or at least begin to view it, to make it easier at home.


If you need to read a lot of text, read in the bus. Put on your headphones to drown out other people’s conversations, and immerse yourself in a book.
The bus can be distracting, and can help you. If you are traveling with a classmate, ask them to understand the homework together. If two people are thinking about one task , it is not considered cheating.


Do homework during recess


If the change lasts 10 minutes, you have time to do something for the entire school day, just try as quickly as possible to move between rooms and not be distracted by conversations with classmates. Imagine how it would be great to do all the mathematics housework in the day, when it was given without even bringing it home.


Do not count on this time, if you do not have time to finish something at home. If you do something to build upon the teacher, he is unlikely to enjoy. In addition, you will not have time to ensure that all cross-check. Haste leads to errors, so always try to double-check what hard for you.


Do homework when you have to wait for something


If you have an hour before the sports section or the music school after school, do some studying. Appreciate the time. If you properly dispose of the time, you can quickly complete the homework.

Do your homework when waiting for someone. Use any spare time to perform housework.


Help with homework


Talk to the teacher about the complex tasks


The teacher knows all about homework, because he chose it. If you have something you can not to do, despite the fact that you work hard, do not beat your head against the wall. If there is something you do not understand, ask the teacher to help.
Asking for help does not mean that you are stupid and do not know anything. Any teacher respectfully listen to a man who is serious about homework and asks for advice.


Do not be afraid to ask for help, especially if you missed the past session.
Asking for help – it’s not the same thing, that the complaint of the complexity of the task, and it is not an excuse. If you spend only 10 minutes on homework and do not do half just because you all seem complicated, and then ask for help, you will not look good in the eyes of the teacher. If anything seems difficult to you, ask for help in advance.


Ask your parents to hire a tutor


If an subject does not given to you, ask your parents to find a tutor.
Tutor will help you not only to understand the subject, and do their homework.
The fact that you need help with homework, does not mean that you do not know anything. Many parents hire private tutors for children, so that they have the motivation to learn, because the easier something is given, the greater the desire to engage. Study hard, and additional classes is no shame. Imagine what would happen if you were always afraid to ask for something. You would not be able to walk into a store, cafe, cinema – in general anywhere!


Engage with classmates


Find the people who would be interested in joint exercises, and do lessons together. Help each other and share information.
Make sure that all contribute. If someone would do the entire job, and you just write down, it will be considered cheating. It should be together to discuss and propose solutions. If you can cope with the task individually, the problems you will not.


Talk with parents


Ask your parents, older brothers or sisters or other family members to help you. They all went to school, even if it was a long time ago. If someone will be able to listen to your complaints about the difficult tasks, you will feel better.


Sometimes parents just do not know you need help, so they can do the task completely. Be honest with yourself. Asking for help does not mean you want them to do everything for you.
Many older relatives may perform the task the old-fashioned way, or tell you that what you have been taught in school, is not correct. In all cases, read the teacher’s approach and discuss the best options for solving problems with the teacher as needed.




If you were not in class, call your friend and write the homework.

Make sure that your small work area is well lit, it is quiet and cozy. It will be easier homework efficiently.

Do not worry too much about the homework, but to postpone all on then is not necessary.

Stress interfere with homework, so just take a deep breath and relax.

Sooner go to sleep, get enough sleep and eat well. Compliance with these rules will help you improve your concentration, and you will not get tired so much.

Most teenagers need 9-10 hours of sleep per night, so do not try to stay up to three nights, and then argue that sleep 4:00 you enough.

Try to get good grades, and actively participate in the learning process. You will be able to remember more, and your notes will stand you in good stead.


do your homework