How to do your homework


Your parents probably told that in their time homework was very difficult, but today’s homework more than ever before. Homework should not turn into torture. Learn how to schedule work to run properly organize the learning process, determine if you need help, and do will be much easier. Do not postpone all on then – start now!


Make a Plan


Record your homework list. You can use the usual diary and write down all tasks only there – so it will be easier to find the right record. Some learners prefer diaries or calendars. Use what you prefer, and keep tasks in one place.


Most learners write homework in workbook top of the page or to make notes in the textbook by pencil. If you have this habit, then you should still rewrite all tasks to your diary, so you do not forget them.


Record as much information about each task. It is useful to mark the textbook page, where tasks are, and teachers instructions. This will help you plan your learning process more effective.


Make sure you understand each task


It is important to carefully read the task, to see you have enough knowledge to carry it out. If you specify an equation in mathematics, first see to them, and look for the most complex. If you need to read any text, evaluate how long it takes you, and think about whether you will be able to answer questions after the text.


Do not delay the homework until you get home. Look at the task, when you get it to had the opportunity to ask questions before you leave.


Create a comfortable working area


The best thing to do in a quiet place where you nothing will distract, and where you will be able to do your homework as much as you’ll need. You can study at home or outside, the main thing – to choose a quiet place. Stock up by food and drink, just in case.


At home

It’s best to do homework at your desk in your room. You can close the door and protect yourself from all distractions. However, for some learners that does not work, because in the same room can be a lot of things that can distract. For example, your room can be stored video games, computer, guitar and other things that you like. Perhaps you prefer to be engaged in the kitchen or living room when your mom can see that you do not fool around. You will be much easier to finish quickly, if you do not get distracted.


In a public place

Library is a perfect place because the libraries require observance of silence and, in addition, there not will be those things that distract you at home. School libraries usually work all day, and some schools have special rooms for domestic work.


Try to change the place

If you are always engaged in the same spot, over time it can tire you out. There are studies that have shown that climate change causes the brain to work harder because it has to process the new information. If you will change places, it will be easier to remember what you learned.


Select the most complex tasks


At the end of the school day, when you’re ready for homework, consider which of the tasks are the most complex, and arrange them in order of difficulty, to let you know how much time you have to perform all the work. This is especially important if you have a lot of homework, or it has the task, the implementation of which takes more than one day. You need to properly distribute the time, and for this you need to find out what tasks should be given priority.


Try to start with the most difficult tasks


Hate algebra? Reading literary works takes the most time? Start with the most time-consuming tasks, to give them the maximum time and then move on to simple tasks, because they can be done quickly.


Try starting with the most urgent tasks


If you need to solve 20 equations for tomorrow and read 20 pages of a novel to friday, you should start with the math, so you have enough time for her. In priority should be tasks that you need to take tomorrow.


Try to start with the most important tasks


Homework math can be daunting, but if you know that the test is not soon, and a big project on astronomy need to pass the day after tomorrow, it is better to spend more time for project.


Make a schedule


Twenty-four hours always too short, so you need to make time for each task, considering how many hours or minutes you will need for each of them. Calculate the time for homework and other things.


Put the alarm clock to keep track of time. The less you will put off everything for later and open social network, the faster you’re done. If you think that you can handle anything for half an hour, set the timer and try to finish on time. If you have not enough time to do everything, give yourself a few more minutes.


Keep track how much time do you usually spend on certain tasks on average. If the usually homework math you go 45 minutes, give out so much time every time for it. If you have to take an hour in a row, take a break and switch to another subject that is not overworked.


Try to make a break for 10 minutes every 50 minutes. Rest is very important, because without it the effectiveness of the falls. You are not a robot!


Work on homework


Check whether you have everything you need before you start working


If you start to look for a ruler or protractor during class, you will be distracted and go back to study will be difficult after a half-hour of searching. If you plan, you’ll know exactly what you need for the task and will be able to prepare everything in advance.


When you start to teach, try not to get up from the table until then, until it is scheduled break. If you want to drink coffee, brew it before you start. Go to the toilet in order to be able to work until the next break, not looking up from the textbook.


If possible, get rid of distractions


Hide the phone, turn off the computer and surround yourself with silence. If all your attention will be focused only on the homework, you will be much easier to deal with it, because your brain will not have to switch between tasks.


Learners often try to do homework, along with other things: watch TV, listen to the radio, talking to someone online. You will be much easier to do these things after you are done with your homework, and homework will take much less time, if you will not be distracted.
Browse news feeds in social networks only during breaks – not before and not after.


Focus on one task


To finish all the tasks on one subject before the end, and only then proceed to the next subject. This approach will help you to complete one thing and forget about it, and then start working on the next. Perform tasks one after the other will allow you to stay focused. Be aware of all the tasks, but does only one thing at a time. You may come in handy help of a close friend or family member.


If some task will be very difficult and require a lot of time, you can temporarily switch to something else. Just do not forget to come back to it later.


Take a break every hour


Take time to rest and stick to the plan. During a break, you can do whatever you want, but it is important not to forget about time. You can start to do something interesting and decide not to return to your home work!


Think about what better to you. One more convenient to do homework immediately after returning home from school in order to finish quickly, while others prefer to relax a while to recover from a hard day.


Doing homework at once can be a good idea, as it will allow you to quickly free, but if you do not relax, the quality of your work may begin to fall. It is very difficult to think strongly about a particular issue for more than 45 consecutive minutes. Take a break and return to work with renewed vigor.


Get back from breaks in time


Do not let the breaks become longer and longer. Back to work after a holiday can be difficult, so you should schedule time after school and work diligently as possible up to this point.


The first 15 minutes after the break will be the most effective, because your mind will be fresh and ready to work.


Invent yourself a reward for completion of homework. For example, promise yourself to watch your favorite show or play a video game. This should be something that you did not do during the breaks that you want to engage in hard and finish faster.


If you find it difficult to concentrate, ask someone of your parents, your brother or sister or friend to help you. Give him or her phone on training time to avoid the temptation to browse social networks, or the TV remote. Then take away these things back and reward yourself for completed assignments. It is very important deprive yourself of the opportunity to cheat.


Do homework as long as necessary


You may want to quickly finish the math and start to play video games, but it is better to stop rush and do everything accurately. There’s no point in doing the task, if you do it quickly and not correctly. Take a time for your homework as long as necessary, and strive to do everything right.


You can ask someone to check your work after you’re done. If this man has the TV remote or your phone, you will have more reason to try to do everything well. Do not hurry.


Check completed assignments after you have finished work on them


Do not just shut down the exercise book as soon as all the equations are solved. Take a short break and return to tasks with a clear head. Look at all made, correct spelling errors, typos and other trifles to score was higher. Since you have spent so much time trying to do the job, take a few minutes to check.


do your homework


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