How to choose the scope of activities


Choosing a profession may seem like a difficult task, but if you have enough time and options, it’s much easier. However, the problem lies in the lack of the necessary abilities and skills. To acquire them will have to work hard. Your abilities will begin to develop slowly and unconsciously in a certain area. Therefore, parents should try to develop the talents of children in every way from early childhood. Do not wait for the kid to finish school.

Although the phrase ” the work for all life” is gradually disappearing into the past, nevertheless the field of your activity will determine all your future life and future possibilities. So choose wisely, and try to choose the sphere in which you will use as many of your abilities as possible, which will noticeably help you make a good career by applying all your skills.


Decide what you like to do


Many people do not make a decision about the choice themselves, but give it to teachers, parents, neighbors and peers. Think about where your loved ones work. Then compare your desires and opportunities and analyze the result.


Think about the skills necessary to do what you like


Perhaps you already know something. This can be a direction for your future activities. For example, you love animals. Now we will consider similar vacancies in the labor market: animal care, veterinary work, animal protection, animal transportation, training, clothing for animals and food, you can also open your own pet store, etc. Once you decide with the profession, start developing the necessary skills in yourself.


Think well about choosing a field of activity


The concept of the field of activity is much broader than just a profession. You should have an idea of your field as a whole – this will give you a chance to master at least five professions in your field. For example, if you are an engineer by profession, you can also work as an administrator, an office manager, a teacher and a consultant. If you are studying law, then perhaps you will want to become a lawyer in a large company or non-profit organization, the head of a department (not necessarily a legal department), a manager or the author of teaching aids. It is important to understand that the field of your activity can expand depending on your diligence and desire to develop.


Don’t get hung up on one thing


During the constant work on yourself, sometimes it’s worth to tear yourself away and look around. For example, many teachers have a good vocabulary, therefore, they can become excellent editors. Don’t stop there.


Try to learn as much as possible about the skills necessary for the work that interests you, through books and the Internet


The school, municipal service centers or the university will also help with the choice of profession. They will help you decide in which area you want to continue your education. Be careful that then on the third or fourth year you do not expect an unpleasant surprise in the form of additional loads or loss of time.


Find people who already work for this specialty, learn from them


This is very useful, as it will help you to learn firsthand about the pros and cons of this work. If you are lucky, you will even be allowed to try to do something for yourself.


Analyze your choice of the field of activity, based on your own feelings and the information that you have received


Appreciate everything that you heard. All the pros and cons. Don’t forget to think about the future style of life – this does not go anywhere. If then something does not for you, then you will regret it. So it’s better to think again and make the right decision, considering all the factors.


Register for an educational or training program for the specialty that you have chosen


During your studies you will be able to get valuable experience and get to know the right people in your field. This will also give you a chance to take the first steps on the career ladder and meet new people. New items will enhance your professional skills and open up new horizons for you.


Be positive


When the training is over, smile and be ready for the big changes. This is a real world, and most importantly – always try to keep up with the times, no matter the difficulties. Always remember that you are unique, and employers are looking for exactly such employees.




When looking for work, try to learn about the future boss as much as possible to make sure that you will be comfortable working with him. An interview with you will help.
In the US, you can begin to search through the Labor Department for a professional guide to learn what skills can be useful.

Look at the list of university courses at a reliable school. Highlight all that you are interested. Distribute them by category to see if there are any items that interest you.

Look for professional communities on the Internet. Type in the search “community of workers xxx” (write down your specialty there). The sooner you find such groups, the better. There you can meet colleagues and read community news.
Do not be afraid to admit to yourself that you have made the wrong choice and will have to change your mind. This is the main reason why it is better to choose a vast field in which you can find your niche by trial and error. Do not waste time on obviously losing options.


How to choose the scope of activities