How to best start the school year


Do you want to leave all the problems of the past school year behind and start from scratch? How to do it? Keep reading and you will know!


Decide what is a fresh, new school year


You can just leave all problems, bad grades, insults, fights and enemies behind. Start all over again!


Buy all the necessary school supplies


You will need a backpack, pencils, folders, etc. – All the necessary things. Buy folders that you like best. Decorate them with stickers and drawings. The more you like your folder, the more you’ll want to wear it and do homework!


Let people know in your behavior, it’s a whole new you!


Do not hump of books and shakes your head when walking. Stand straight, proudly walk is extended, and let your books feel as if they are in the best hands. Be friendly in the hallway, greet your friends and new people, you have learned in the classroom. If you are new, keep in mind that all the newcomers are new. You can make new friends in this year. Look for friendly people in classroom, at lunch, or next to your locker (or if you do not have a locker near the desk). New friends will boost your self-esteem, and you will have a great time at school!


Join clubs or teams


Do not be afraid. All the other also nervous as you are. If volleyball is really what you want, but your friends are involved in football, still play volleyball, you have forged your new friends in the team. You do not necessarily go all the time with the same crowd. Get friends in all places, so you will feel comfortable in any place.


Take notes in class and listen to the teacher!


You’ve heard it many times before, but it’s a good idea. If you take notes and listen to the teacher, you save a lot of time on homework, and you really learn! This is why you go to school. School is not only a place for you to sit at your desk and stared at the chalk.




Decide right now that you make an effort to do so. If you find that you find it difficult to concentrate in class one home, consider whether you can find a partner to study or better training group (three or four people who are willing to engage in together). You’ll be surprised how improve your knowledge when you have someone asks, and how much less you will worry about the tests.


Do not panic when you hear “tomorrow will be a test on chapters 5-7 in mathematical textbook”


If you panic, it will not help. Only make worse. Relax and go over our notes and textbooks. Read once quickly. Then read again – most likely, you’ll see what they say. If you have a picture head, it is likely that you will remember it during the test.


Learn how to finish school with honors


It may seem strange to think about it the first day, but the truth is that if you first ask your teachers and counselors how to finish with distinction, will be easier to learn with them. This will give you a goal to which we should strive.


Treat everyone the same way – with respect and dignity, as you would like them to treat you


Do not allow people to go through you. Be polite, but set limits. Think of nice person you know that everyone says “oh, she’s so cute, she’s never about anyone says anything bad” or “this guy is wonderful, it is all very nice.” Try to be as they are, and remember how good you feel when someone treats you well without any reason for it. It will make your day, you will be able to pay it forward each day, be it an athlete, or a moron of class. There is an old saying: “It is good to be important. But it is much more important to be nice. ” Being warm and good all at school (not even a cool children) will be a good exercise for the future life.


Be open to new friends and experiences


School for knowledge. Part of this knowledge, it is how to interact with different personalities, and it’s really something that useful to you in life. Do not worry much if your old friends from primary and secondary schools have stepped back, most likely, they too have found new friends. Growing up sometimes means that we appear new interests, and friends who have been before, do not always share them, that’s fine. This does not mean that you can not continue to be friendly with them, which means that both of you are moving on and growing up in different directions.


start the school year