How to be a successful student


Successful students know how to concentrate on their studies, as appropriate, at the same time, making breaks, when necessary. They know how to wisely allocate your time, adhere to strict training routines and spend most of their time in the classroom. In operation, the successful students will also know how to have a good time, and how they like to acquire knowledge, as much love to get high scores.


Develop the qualities of a successful student


Your studies must be your top priority


Successful students know how to succeed as they did study a priority. Despite the fact that it is important to find time to communicate with friends, family, extracurricular activities, and the fact to be alone with you, you should never neglect their studies. If you have an important exam soon, and you are not very well prepared, then most likely, you should skip the big party, which will be two days before the exam. If you are very far behind the French subject, it is possible that at this point you’d better skip the new series of the show “Criminal Minds.” This does not mean that you will never be able to do what you want, you should just be aware that learning should be in the first place.
Even in such a case, you can not ignore everything only to learn. If your friend or family member’s life crisis, you can not leave him or her just to learn.


Be punctual


You should develop the habit to count the time and learn how to be on time, as required. In fact, you have to plan your time so that always come a little earlier – then you will have time to look around, to focus and prepare to receive the knowledge when you will be there. Being punctual, you also deserve sympathy and respect for teachers. Whether you go for a test or going to do lessons with a friend – should come in time, if you want to be a successful student.

A wise man once said, “To come – is already half the battle.” If you will not be bound by and to come on time, you will not learn the material.


Work honestly


This means that you have to work by yourself and beware of plagiarism and cheating, come what may. Cheating to anything you do not lead, and the seemingly easy path can then bring you a lot of problems. You should never write off on the test, and is much better to fail in the exam, to which you are not prepared than to be caught for cheating. And even if you do not get caught, writing off, do you think that it is better to choose the easiest way, when it comes to your life and study, and this may lead to the fact that in the future you will have bad habits.

Do not take the example of others. In some schools, cheating is the norm, and as many children write off, you may be tempted to join them. This kind of group thinking is very dangerous and can interfere with the development of your potential.




Successful students can concentrate on their task. If you have an hour to learn one chapter of book on the history – you have to do it without being distracted. If you need a break – take a 10-minute break, but do not let it go at a time when only 10 minutes left to study. In fact, you can train your brain to concentrate for longer periods of time, since, even if it seems to you that you can not concentrate on anything for more than 15 minutes, just do some work on the fact that the time was increased to 20 minutes, then 30 and so on.

With this in mind, most people should not concentrate or do one task for more than 60 or 90 minutes. Intermediate breaks of 10-15 minutes will help you restore your energy and then concentrate on the task.


Do not compare yourself with others


Successful students succeed on their own terms. They do not care how learning their brother, neighbor or partner laboratory work, as they know that, ultimately, the most important thing – it is to achieve this goal. If you are too keen to see to it what they do around, you can give up on yourself or you will wake up the desire to compete with them, which takes all of your thoughts. Learn to ignore the others and try to do everything in your power.

Maybe you have a friend competing with you, who always wants to measure estimates or talk about your average score. Do not let the man bother you, and if you do not want to discuss your school things, do not hesitate to tell it.


Proceed steadily


If you want to be a successful student, you should not put a goal to get “A”, having a “C” score. Instead, you have to work hard to get “C+”, then “B -” and so on, so as not to upset. Successful students know that it is difficult to move forward by leaps and bounds, and focus on the details, rather than attempting to achieve the final result immediately. If you want to be a successful student, you will have to accept a gradual progress.
Be proud of yourself for every small step toward perfection. Do not hang your nose, if you do not put the highest score that you were hoping to get.


Be interested in material, which you studying. Successful students – not just a machine, which is not interested in anything but getting “A” ratings. They are really interested in the information they are studying, and their desire for knowledge helps them to get high scores. Of course, you may not be interested in all that you’re going through – from photosynthesis to linear equations, but you can try to find something interesting in every subject. This will help to focus, and you will be much more fun to deal with.


If you are really interested in something, it is necessary to go beyond the curriculum and do extracurricular reading to learn more. For example, if you have enjoyed reading “The Sun Also Rises” – try to read “A Moveable Feast” and other Hemingway novels.


Succeed in classroom




If you want to be a successful student, attentiveness in classroom – a key aspect of your success. Despite the fact that you do not have to love every subject that you will, you must be quite interested to listen to teachers, not to correspond with friends, quite concentrated, to really hear that tells you the teacher and to be able to capture the most important aspects in the study of each subject.

To focus, it is important to look at the teacher.
If you do not understand something, you can quickly make this clear. If the lesson continues, and you feel that you do not understand anything – you will be hard to concentrate.


Take notes


Notes also an integral part of a successful study. Your records will help you not only to refresh the memory after the lesson, but also to focus on what is happening in the classroom, and will help in the study of material, since you have to write it briefly in your own words. Some even use different markers or pens to make your records – it helps them learn the material better. Outlining the lesson, you will feel more responsible, and it will help you to listen to the teachers.


Ask questions


If you really want to spend time in classroom, the teacher should ask questions when appropriate, in order to better understand the material. There is no need to disrupt lessons – just ask a question if you do not understand something, and you should prepare for the exam. Questions also help you to actively participate in discussions, and facilitate learning.

At the end of each lesson you can also view your records and prepare questions to ask them next time, if you do something is not clear.
Some teachers are allowed to ask questions only after the lecture. If so – take it respectfully.




If you want to succeed in school or college – it is important to take an active role in the classroom. You should not only ask questions but also to answer the teacher’s questions, be an active participant in group sessions, called to help the teacher in the classroom and be sure to be as active in classroom, so that most stand out in the learning process. Participation will also help you to establish good relations with teachers that will also help you in your studies.

Optional pull your hand after each question, but if you have something to say – try to voice your opinions.
Participation also important when working in the group. Successful students work well, not only individually, but also with others.


Try not to be distracted during class


If you want to make the most of the learning process, you should make every effort to ensure that no distractions. Do not sit next to friends or talkative students, and set aside food, magazines, cell phone and anything that can distract you from your studies. As a reward, you can chat with friends, read a magazine or relax after class, but do not need to do it to the detriment of their studies.
Try not to think about one thing when you are sitting on the other. Sitting in class, do not think about other things – you will have the opportunity, when the bell rings.


Establish warm relations with teachers


Another way to succeed in your studies – is to establish a close relationship with the teachers. Optionally, smarm or become their best friend – between you should be understanding, as it will come in handy when you need additional assistance, as well as increase your interest in the material. Try not to be late to class and follow the rules established by the teachers to make the most of the lectures.

Do not worry due to the fact that people can find you a teacher’s favorite, if you are friendly with the teachers. You’re just trying to be a good learner.
If the teacher will treat you with sympathy, then they are more likely to want to help you and answer all your questions, and will be more understanding if something happens.


If possible, sit close to the teacher


If you are in the audience, where you can sit wherever you go, you should sit down in front, close to the teacher. This will help you to concentrate, because you will not be distracted and engaged in foreign affairs when the teacher stands in front of you. It also helps you to establish a closer relationship with your teacher, especially if you are in a large lecture hall, as teachers tend to pay attention to those who sit in front of.
Do not worry due to the fact that people will consider you a sycophant. You just do everything you can to learn the required material.


Succeed in study


Make a plan for the period of each training session


One of the ways to succeed in your studies – is to make a clear plan of action before each session. This will guarantee that you will be focused, reach your goals, and your study will be productive. Divide the learning process at time intervals for 15-30 minutes and make a list of what you need in each period of time, whether you are doing on the cards, looking at your records or decide to practice tests. This is to ensure that you do not feel overwhelmed or lethargic.

Making a list, where you will place a tick will give you motivation. Checking the presence of each item on the list, you can focus on the task at hand.


Insert the sessions into your schedule


Another important way to succeed in school – is necessary to have a diary and advance to split the learning process at time intervals. You have to devote time to study during the week, and even on the weekends when necessary. Despite the fact that you do not bite off more than you can chew, do not fill your calendar with cultural programs and extracurricular activities, otherwise you will not have time to study.

If you decide to set aside time to class, then you do not need to plan for this time of cultural activities that will distract you from your studies. You may not even notice that your event calendar is full, if you do not take the time to class.

You can even schedule a month to distribute the material for weeks, especially if you have to repeat everything before an important exam.


Find a training method that is appropriate for your type of memory


There are different types of people, and not everyone is capable of learning, for example, the use of cards or a repetition of lecture notes, perfect for each species. It is important to know the type of your memory so you can tailor the training to suit your needs. Many people are actually a combination of different types, so several methods may be applicable to you.


The following are the most common methods of teaching and learning a few tips:



If you are visual, you internalize information through images, pictures and spatial perception. It is best suited to you graphs, charts and records, accented with colored markers. Write notes, draw graphics or images related to the topic, may be a more effective method than to write a lot.



This kind of people better learner by listening. Try to record your lectures and repeat them and listen carefully to the teacher, and then make the recording. You can also read your notes aloud or course materials, talk with experts in the area or take part in a panel discussion for more effective assimilation of information.


Constructivists, or kinesthetic

These people are better able to absorb the material, using their body, hands and sense of touch. You can practice by writing the words for this lesson topics, teaching record, walking around the room or doing other activities that allow you to move or touch objects during training.


Take breaks

You may be surprised to learn that the breaks could be your key to success. No one will be able to learn continuously eight hours even over motivated person or one who is constantly flowing through the veins of coffee. In fact, the breaks are an integral part of successful study, because they give your brain a rest, so you can go back to school, being interested and enthusiastic. Rest every 60 or 90 minutes and do something that will relax your eyes a little to back up or walk.

Successful students know when they need a rest. They notice when tired or when the study is no longer brings the desired results. Do not think that rest just lazy, and remember that this is – really the best thing you can do to increase productivity.


Try not to be distracted


If you want to learn as much as possible, then you have to learn not to be distracted when you are ready to learn. That is, to avoid unproductive classes with a friend, turn off the phone and make sure that you only use the Internet for educational purposes and is not to read the gossip from the life of stars. Although you can not completely avoid the temptation to be distracted by unnecessary things, you can try to minimize them before you sit down for lessons – this will help you to concentrate and not be distracted.

You can even turn off at the internet, if you do not need to study, so that nothing would distract you. If you really do not need a phone – it can also be turned off.
If you are worried, then take time out to deal with it, and then, if possible, return to school. If you worry about all day, you can not do your work.


Try to create for itself the most favorable conditions for training


Favorable conditions for learning can play a key role in your quest to become a successful student. But every person is different. Some people prefer to do in their rooms, in absolute silence. Others – watching and sitting on a blanket in the park, including your favorite music. Some people like to engage in a library or a coffee shop, where they are surrounded by people who are engaged in the same. Try to work out in different places to see what suits you best.
If lately you do not really like to work, sitting in a noisy cafe, try to work out in the silence of my room, or even in the park, where you can feel that you are alone.


Use your resources


Another way to recover from training sessions to the maximum – is to make sure that you are using all available means. Refer to your teachers, librarians and intelligent friends to help you deal with obscure materials. Use the library and network resources in order to improve your knowledge, additional tasks at the end of the tutorial, to better familiarize themselves with the material.


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