How to be a good writer


Study your works from beginning to the end


Spend a brainstorming before starting work


While you in process of reflection on the theme of your narrative, write down all the ideas that come to mind, even the most absurd, because even a small idea can grow into a basic idea of your work.


Write about what you would like to read


Find a topic that excites you the most. Your interest and excitement will motivate you to write the product and will be the guarantor of its high quality.


Define your narrative format


Serious work does not have to be the size of a large book. Writing a story – a very time-consuming process, which is an effective way to improve your mastery of the writer.


Write your ideas


Carry a notebook and write in your observation, overheard conversations and sudden ideas – in short, everything that makes you smile, motivates to action, or simply brings some philosophical thoughts.
You can also use the notebook to write unfamiliar words.


Make a plan of what you want to write


Use any suitable way for you. You can make your plan as a tree or events using colored cards on which you will specify a certain scene. Such a plan can be formed in the right chronological order (action scenes and the like), or you can write all steps / scenes in great detail. The plan will motivate you on those days when you do not want to write.


There are many programs for writers for creating plans, for example, Scrivener or TheSage.


You can deviate from the original plan, but if you have decided to completely rewrite it, think about the reasons that prompted you to do so. Write a new plan and think about how you intend to carry it out.


Thoroughly examine the topic of your product


Preliminary study require not only science fiction theme works, but also polite literature. If the protagonist of your work – glass blower, read a book on the manufacture of glass products and use appropriate terminology. If you’re writing a book about the time before you were born, talk to the people who lived at that time (for example, with parents and grandparents).
In the case of fiction you can begin to write, and then dive into the study.


Write as quickly as possible without looking at the keyboard, and without worrying about grammar, just write about what you think


It is very important to ensure that you have finished the first paragraph, or page, or sketch of the whole work.


Edit the text


Once you have written a draft of the product, read it, think about it and rewrite it, correcting grammatical and stylistic errors. If you do not like some places, copy them again. A critical analysis of their own work – an important skill a writer who needs to learn.


Pause between the writing of the work and editing. It is best to wait as long as possible, but even a small break can give you the necessary impartiality for fruitful work on errors.


Ask someone to read your work and rate it, for example, friends, other writers (you know), or your blog readers


Do not be angry and do not be discouraged because of the criticism – even if you do not agree with it, you’ll learn which parts of your work people don’t like.


Overwrite and overwrite again


Do not be afraid to make drastic changes in your text (for example, to rewrite entire chapters from the perspective of other characters). Let’s read the rewritten work of other people, and then rewrite it again. Do not think that it’s running in place – so you improve your mastery of the writer. You can always take a break and write something completely changed the subject to be distracted from your main work.




Find a comfortable place where inspiration will come to you. Some people like quiet places, while others prefer to write in a noisy cafe.


Contact your local writer or visit the autograph session of a writer to get professional advice. Although it is often famous authors inundated with letters, some of them try to answer them.


be a good writer