How to be a good writer


Writers are known their uncertainty, whether famous or just an aspiring writer. To become a writer, you need time, perseverance and practice. This article will give you some tips on how to become a good writer.


Write, write and write again


Write every day


You can write for both long and short sessions. Write a paragraph or an entire page every day. Write every day!
If you do not have the time, get up earlier or later go to select at least 15 minutes to write a few lines.


Do not be afraid to write something bad – just write


Do not leave the page blank. If you do not know what to write, start writing anything, for example, about how you’re bored, or some object in the room, and after a while you have other ideas.


On the Internet, in bookstores or libraries, you can find the special collections of tips for writers; such collections are designed to ignite the imagination of the writer.


If you write for a certain period of time, you can losing ability to further develop in other styles


Write every day, but make an effort to diversify your style or format. Efforts – it is an important factor necessary to improve any skill.


To improve creative writing, try the following:


– if what you write is very similar to one another, change your style. Imitate the style of another writer or combine several styles of the authors.

-if you write for a blog or a particular project, pause. Write something on completely extraneous subject.


Ask some writers to read your work and evaluate it


You can also offer to read and evaluate the works of other writers. Properly react to constructive criticism of your work, which aims to improve them, avoid that people read your work, customized to you unkindly (their criticism will not help you).


On internet, try to find community of writers (eg, Scribophile or WritersCafe) or community who are interested in your topic.


Find information (on the Internet, at the library) about the local PEN Club.


Write articles on the Wiki-sites (eg, Wikihow or Wikipedia). You can help people who need information, and they will tell you how to improve your work.


If you can’t motivate yourself to write regularly, make a commitment to write to other people (this will be a kind of “extrinsic motivation”)


For example, regularly write letters to relatives or friends, or start a blog and update it daily, or apply for participation in any contest of writers.


The first work of the writer always needs to be improved


When you wrote the plays (story, novel, etc.), re-read your work and find in it sentences, paragraphs or entire pages that you are unhappy. Rewrite the scene from the point of view of another character, try to find some of the story line or change the order of events.


If you are not sure why you do not like this or that paragraph (a page action scene), copy it, forgetting about the original paragraph, and then compare both paragraphs and determine what you like best in each version.
Remember that to rewrite paragraphs (page action scenes) that you like, incredibly difficult.


Essential Skills


Read as much as you can


Read a variety of literature – magazines, books, theses (but this does not mean that you have to read it all, “from cover to cover”). Reading will increase your vocabulary, increase your literacy, inspire you and show you how to handle with words. For the young writer reading is not as important as writing a few lines every day.
If you do not know what to read, ask for advice from friends or go to the library and choose a pair of books of each section.


Enrich your vocabulary


Get a good sensible and synonyms dictionary and keep them always at hand (or write down unfamiliar words to look them up in a dictionary later). Great writers have always debated whether to use simple words or writing pretentious language. It’s up to you (but not before you have mastered certain skills).


Definitions of words in the dictionaries often do not provide an intuitive understanding of how to use the word. Find the word on the Internet and read it in context, to understand how to use it properly.


Learn the rules of grammar


Of course, there are many famous and wonderful books written with some deviations from the grammar rules. However, having learned the grammar, you learn how to construct sentences and express their thoughts correctly. If you think that the grammar – it’s your weak spot, read the textbook on English or work with a tutor.


Sometimes writers allow some deviation from grammatical rules.
If you have any questions on grammar, feel free to open the corresponding book or website.


Adapt your work to the interests and preferences of the target audience


Just as you change your clothes according to the season, you need to customize the style of your letters to the requirements of the audience. The figurative description of the poem is more appropriate than the financial report. Choose the appropriate format, style, and length of sentences. Limit the jargon and provide your readers with enough information to help clarify your intention.


be a good writer


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