How to be a brilliant nerd




The colors should be combined mostly, but this does not apply to accessories.

Wearing a hat? Wear a funny headdress!

Going somewhere? Do not let go of the book!

Do not think that all nerds are snobs who always comment on others.

To read. Read a lot. This is where the path to genius lies and the transformation into a nerd.

Wear big glasses! However, if you do not need them for vision, replace the lens with conventional glasses.

Do not pay attention to what others think about you. Be yourself and do what you need. They do not control you, but you.

In the pocket of your shirt there should always be a pen and a mechanical pencil – it’s mechanical, ordinary – it’s not nerds style.

To be a nerd, you need to be observant and attentive, otherwise you just can not tell people about the logical errors and all that!

The essence of “Nerds” can be formulated as follows: “Do not pay attention to others and learn.”
If the life of the nerd is not for you, then so be it! There is nothing worse than a man pretending to be who he is not.

Do not be old-fashioned, because some borders can not be passed even to nerds.

Not everyone around you will be pleased with your “nerd style” – others will be angry or try to make you change and be like everyone else, say, “being a nerd is not cool.” Do not listen to these victims of phosphorus deficiency at the prenatal level of development, to be nerd – great!

There is no need to know everything. For errors, including logical ones, specify politely and unbiasedly.

Nerds, as a rule, are very unsociable. If you need to avoid eye contact, prefer to look at the shoes during the conversation, you will look very nerd.

Nerds from the IT world do not use the Internet Explorer browser, preferring Firefox or Chrome. In addition, nerds from the world of IT do not call browsers full names, using only abbreviations.

Note that if you constantly make fun of someone who is stupider than you, then this person can bring his friends and tactfully explain to you the rules of behavior in society.

Nerds can be different. Someone wants to learn something, and someone just has some difficulties with the psyche.

Try not to lose sight of this reality to you in the pursuit of knowledge. If you become an outcast, you will not be a real nerd.

Nerds from the world of science fiction are not limited to just the Matrix or Star Trek. Everything is much deeper and more detailed, the world of science fiction is a lot of books, films and serials that would be nice to watch.


What you need


A huge backpack with Spider-Man. The bigger, the better. If you are too lazy to carry books, like a real nerd, carry in a backpack cotton or anything.

Scrunchy. Working in a laboratory or reading a clever book a girl-nerd, whose hair is not tightened by an elastic band – this is not a girl-nerd.

A hefty tome. What exactly – it does not matter, if only reading was smart. In principle, as an alternative to the book, scientific journals will also fit.

Pens. At least five, which would be shoved here and there. If you are a girl, and the length of your hair allows – then one handle can be stored in your hair.

The most modern devices and the best calculators – always and everywhere, even there and then, as it is not necessary.

A member card of the DnD lovers club (or your other favorite RPG)


How to be a brilliant nerd (Part 2)