How to be a brilliant nerd


Yes, there is no dispute, “brilliant nerd” is funny nickname but not bad one. This article will tell you in general terms how to become a nerd and behave the way a stereotypical genius behaves.


Choose casual clothes


Nerd should not wear glasses with massive lenses! Get dress stylish! Choose your glasses without a rim! Enjoy your life! Yyou need to look natural. And yes, more self-confidence! If someone asks you a question, answer it quickly, but if you are bullied by hooligans – protect yourself.


Don’t read popular magazines


Read the magazines that you are interested in personally. It is desirable to get carried away by mathematics and science. In general, to develop intelligence. And also – to be rude for those hooligans who believe that they are the bad boys. Tell them directly that they are stupid and rude!


Write quickly and accurately your handwriting, making notes


It is advisable to write neatly always and everywhere.


Try to impress the opposite sex


Do not exercise, although you can watch yourself


Did you come to the stadium to cheer? Shout the advice of the players from the rostrum!


Do not watch popular TV shows


In general, what is an entertainment channel? What are you speaking about?! This is not serious! See Discovery!


You just need to have at least one complete edition of some encyclopedia at home


Of course, it must be stored in a conspicuous place. And if the books are still old, shabby, it’s even better.


There must be a small mess in your room


Of course, not in the sense that everywhere your toys or parts of game consoles should lie. Sheets of paper with notes, or better – books! A lot of books! Read popular science literature about history and science, read biographies of interesting people (not stars, but, say, astronauts).


Read more books – expands the vocabulary


Speaking of vocabulary – actively increase it and do not forget to use it!


You know, you can always replace the some word with a more successful analog. In the end, well, what philistinism – to say “printed”, when you can say something like “furiously hits on the keyboard” ?! Nevertheless, use smart and expressive words only in appropriate situations, or you will seem like a poseur Even better, if there is someone nearby who will appreciate your vocabulary.


Think about everything and everything


If you suddenly caught yourself thinking that you do not think about something … yes, start thinking immediately! Think about yourself, about the world around you, do not be afraid to ask questions to others and, incidentally, do not despise their answers, especially if they are better and deeper than what you found.


Develop the habits of a real nerd


A shrill voice? Excellent. It is necessary to find the solution of the equation? Take a hefty calculator and, managing the data in it, bring it as close as possible to the eyes! Tighten your pants to your chest! Sweat! Need to write an essay? Press the tip of the pen on your head – do not bite, click! In general, everything is quite simple.


Make it your profession!


Nerds can earn very, very, for example, as mentors.


Do the math so that you know it better and deeper than others


Learn a lot of words, smart and expressive. A rich lexicon will benefit you


Read a lot


Wear a backpack


The height of wearing a backpack depends on where you study. For example, if a local fashion requires carrying a backpack somewhere in the loins area, then do not lower the backpack below the shoulder blades.


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