How to attract customers


Do you want to attract more customers, but do not know how? Come to us, we will reveal to you the secrets to attract customers!

By popular demand, I want to reveal the secret of how to attract customers!

Today, in order to attract customers – exist many techniques and tricks. The main thing – to try to continuously expand the information about your company, product, on the interior, so that a large number of people to learn about you, and then it will be possible to encourage their customers (to make a win-win lottery in his shop, to make sure that people have seen small savings by buying your product, etc.). These are all tricks necessarily drawn to you people!


How to attract customers?


Initially, expand the information on the brand!

You can use this business pretty ordinary and simple techniques! They are not very expensive, well for someone may seem very effective!

So what should you do to find out about you?


1) Distribute flyers


To start, you need to come up with a bright and catchy design flyers to people interested and thought to himself: “And let me take it, there may something interesting find for themselves? What they are offering “.. Be sure your leaflet should have all your contacts: addresses, contact numbers, interesting information about your product that is sold, and it would be nice to come up with some kind of benefit for the customer! You can give out flyers on the street, to thrust in the door, lay down on the tables in supermarkets! This is a good way to attract customers! People who are interested in your services – will not pass you!


2) putting up ads


This is one of the easiest ways to attract customers! But, it has a pretty significant disadvantages! First, few people looking at bulletin boards! Secondly, the nature of all the ads that hang on the boards of many predictable, people may think that there is, as always hangs a proposal to purchase real estate, offers of credit. Still quite often people have to spoil the view of the companies, which on the boards, poles, trees pasting information about themselves, about their services. If your company has a good name – this method is not for you!


3) Take advantage of media advertising


This is one of the most decent way to express yourself! You can place an attractive information about their product: on billboards, in the media, to ads on television. Also you have the opportunity to choose their advertising of any color and size, as well as the view – it could be a banner, and video. The great advantage of media advertising – is that it can be applied for any budget: with a large or small.


4) Tell us about your product through a friend.


You can ask all of your environment: whether it be friends, classmates, different friends, relatives, that they told about your product! This method has the advantages of good! The very first thing – it is very simple! And secondly, any buyer trusts their surroundings. For example, if you tell your girlfriend: “Honey, I advise you to go to the shop of handbags, there are different prices, huge selection and reasonable prices! This huge range of bags, I have ever seen! “After these words you did not want to visit this shop? Exactly! You want to attract customers – use this method as an additional option in the promotion of your name!


5) Encourage your customers


I want to tell you an interesting story, you immediately understand what will be discussed at this point.

“I came with my husband in a hotel, which was located on the ocean shore with a view to relax. In the evening we decided to go to the cafe. In the first minutes the waiter came running to us, he asked about our preferences and a few minutes later brought us 2 beautiful cocktail! The most surprising is that over the cocktails he didn’t take with us a penny, and said thus: “This is a gift from our facilities for a lovely couple.” We were pleasantly surprised, and certainly didn’t hide my admiration! After this incident, we are now constantly went into this cafe, just to enjoy the atmosphere! But this time, for the money;) ”

So, let’s analyze this story! What did the waiter reached?

He showed his respect and interest, thus having caught himself loyal customers.

This method is called a stimulus client!

Remember, my dear future businessmen – the buyer interested in only one thing – an opportunity to save their money. When you call it this instinct – in the future, you can easily manipulate it. Most people will choose the product which will extend the discount! We’re all looking for the benefit of themselves! Take it to your review!


6) Show their wares


How to attract customers – they demonstrate their wares! People who ride on the tram and the metro every day see how sales representatives walk through the cars and great show everyone how a flashlight works great as it can be easily mounted on the ceiling. After such a funny sight, people are becoming interested in this product!


7) Give the opportunity to taste their wares


You have to give people the opportunity to – to try their product, so they felt an urge to buy it! For example, if you are the owner of a sports club – give the opportunity to your customers as free access to the first lesson in swimming or belly dancing. It’s clear that if the client is interested in this service – it is sure to acquire it!

This method used by the school for the study of a foreign language, beauty salons!


8) Get a coupon


Want to attract customers – make the discount through the purchase of a particular coupon. You buy a paper voucher for ridiculous money – and you are given a good discount on any service!


9) Discount cards, promotions, sales


Your customer saves, and you get loyal customers!


10) Lottery


Give your customers the opportunity to win a prize. This very established and many people like to compete.


11) Prize


Some services or goods gets over to the client as a gift, or a great discount.

For example, “Make us 2 pizzas – and third – we wrap your home totally free!”


12) Two package at the same price!


For example, you sell a body scrub at the price of $35, but for some reason no one is buying, furthermore it become dusty in stock. And side by side on the shelf is a cream soap for $10, which is popular among customers. You combine these two product in gift set and put up the price – $40. The buyer immediately think: “Oh, I finally found a cost-effective, and most importantly a wonderful gift! That alone would be more expensive, “Here you are, and solved two problems! To make a profit and get rid of dusty product!


How to attract customers? A little tricks!


– Pamper regular customers


This applies to restaurants, cafes, various salons, etc. Your staff can offer permanent customer a cup of coffee with the candy, while he waits for his turn, and before he goes and chooses a kitchen to order. Rest assured, it will come to you more often that even his friends to you lead! But we have this and are making!


– Your staff should be polite


Remember, no discounts and no bright advertising about your product does not make amends, if your staff are disrespectful and irritating contact with your customers! All your achievements as well as efforts will be thrown in the trash! It’s all let to go not a good reputation about your business, and will spread bad information about you. Try to carefully pick up your staff!


– A bright sign


Make for your restaurant, beauty salon, shop – an attractive sign! It will be good if it will be seen from afar. No need to skimp on the lights that will illuminate the beautiful name of your business at night.


– The queue at the checkout


Many buyers are very annoying queue at the checkout. Try to think in advance that moment to avoid this! Smile your cashiers + free gift = cheer up your customers and they will forget about how much they stood to buy this thing.


– Smells is important


For the majority of customers is very important the smell in the stores. Sometimes your staff decided to have dinner a sandwich with sausage on the job – I assure you – you will lose 30% of customers! Do not allow this! Make a separate room for the staff to have the opportunity to quietly dine.


In my practice was a case where i went shopping and picked up the bag itself! I saw beautiful signboard of a shop that enticed me to go. As soon as I walked into the store, probably in less than 5 seconds, as i flew out a bullet that even with a cough! There was a mixed smell of onions, sausage and socks. I couldn’t eat half-day after that. So, it seems pretty shop, but because of such trifles can lose real clients!


Remember, advertising methods that you will choose – depends only on your imagination and of course from your material resources. Do not be stingy, you better try to implement in reality all methods to promote your name: leaflets, tasting, lotteries, media specials! All money you spend – return to you, and effect of such a powerful complex of promotion – will be noticeable immediately, and success is not long to wait!


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