How to analyze handwriting


The handwriting of a person is as unique as is personality. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in that looking at the handwriting, we can learn more about his character. Whether you want to analyze handwriting for fun or are going to become a graphologist by profession, you should learn to notice the difference in handwriting, which correlates with the difference of characters. This is an amazing thing!


Pay attention to the force of pressure


If a person writes with a strong pressure, then he has increased emotional energy. So people are enthusiastic about life and very often are successful. In turn, people with low emotional energy see the negative in each situation and try to avoid them.


Pay attention to the size of the letters


Large letters mean that a person is friendly and is an extrovert. Small letters indicate introverts, people prone to solitude and even recluse.


Look at the slope of the letter


A deviation to the right indicates a self-confident, resolute and sometimes ruthless person. Left bias means that a person is quiet, withdrawn and usually always thinks, before doing something. If there is no bias, you are dealing with a reliable and consistent person, but very often these people are also shy and secretive.


Look at how the letters are joined together


If the letters are connected, this person is consistent and judges everything from experience. The distance between the letters speaks of a man who has a rich imagination, he often listens to his intuition.




If the slope of the letters is disjointed, most likely, the person is in a state of stress. In this case, it is difficult to give an accurate estimate.

If you are interested in developing your skills as a graphologist, look for special books and textbooks. There are many techniques and techniques that are not specified in this article.

Look for small loops facing downward, forming a hook. A high percentage of imprisoned criminals have such loops in handwriting. Of course, many people, even without a criminal past, have a similar handwriting. Very often this is observed in people with low self-esteem, who believe that they did not deserve anything good in life.

Train on the handwriting of celebrities.

Drugs, both legal and not, can affect handwriting changes, since these drugs have a “physical” (and not only psychological) effect on the body.

Graphology is not considered scientific knowledge.


How to analyze handwriting