How to analyze an article


Ability to analyze and think critically – a valuable skill. It will not only help in their studies, but also allow you to evaluate the validity of the news articles and conduct necessary sometimes, thorough research. Good analysis requires writing a resume on the basis of any article, writing notes to article and study the article and biography of its author.


Writing a summary of the article


Read the article once, without writing anything. The first reading should be used in order to understand the overall concept of the material and have a common understanding of its content.


Check the value of any of the terms or words that you are unclear. If you read the technical content of an article, you must make sure that you understand all of the data, before proceeding to the analysis.


Try to write a short summary of the article in volume in 3-4 sentences. If you can not do this, then you may need to read it again.


Think about the possibility to retell the story out loud, if you do this easier than to write a resume. If you can summarize the content of the article, avoiding excessive use of technical terms, you are ready to move on.


Writing notes to the article


Make a copy of article. You can also print the article. If you are not very well know how to take notes in programs, you should do it manually.
Make sure printouts are put page numbers, so that you can correctly refer to the article, when you analyze it.


Re-read the article a second time, to emphasize the fundamental data. Read it slowly, than the first time, and make a mark on the course of the reading field.


Highlight the main points in article. This should be the main argument, which is the author of, or trying to prove in your material. Your analysis will be returning to this thesis, according as you decide how well the author was able to convince his audience.


Emphasize information that is repeated often throughout the article. Emphasize that support information and make notes in the margins as you read this article.
If you read the scientific work, look for methods, evidence and results. This is a common structure of most papers.


Make notes of any information that is not fully proven or explained. These notes will help you save time in the recording process


Analysis of article


Write a summary or abstract of article. If you are writing an essay analysis, it can serve you as an introduction.


Do some biographical research about the author of article. His or her skills will show whether the author’s opinion article competent. In historical articles, it will also show whether the work of the author of the primary or secondary source.
Determine if you think that the author can be accused of bias. The articles related to the media, you must determine whether the author remain sufficiently impartial in its coverage of the recent events.


Define article audience. Determine if you think that the author wrote an article designed for this audience. For example, if the audience – the general public, and the author uses a purely technical terms, then this article may be hard to understand.


Determine the purpose of article. It can also be a thesis, or what the author is trying to prove. The author can suggest questions and answer them later.


Answer how successfully author proves the thesis. Cite article to emphasize the particularly successful or failing arguments. Analyse the article establishing how informative and interrelated arguments of the author.
Go back to your notes on the article to find a quote or questions about the validity of the argument.


Compare article with other materials on the same topic. If you were asked to read a few articles, you can analyze a single article in the light of the other. Note the arguments which the articles were was more convincing and why.


Write questions that remained unanswered. Think, would improve its author an article providing more evidence or conducting more thorough research article topics.


Explain what the article is important for the reader and for the world as a whole. At this point, you probably should state their personal opinion on the subject. Some teachers are asked to indicate the reader’s opinion, while others require only a purely scientific approach.


Prepare your page with primary sources, if you have used the quote in your research note. Ask the teacher how such a page is better to issue.




Always check the contents of your work, spelling and grammatical errors before you can use it in the future. Although analysis of article can be made quickly, it must be edited at least once.


analyze an article