How is guaranteed to go to Cambridge on a free basis


Cambridge gives students a unique opportunity to study completely free. For this act of Cambridge grant. However, the competition for a scholarship is very high, provided only 7 places. The competition takes place in several stages, the first of which is to supply statements about the desire to learn. In the event that the commission taking a student, he will invited to an interview with director of the institution, and then with a two professors. The student will be offered to write an essay about their own aspirations (5 sheets of A4), and get tested. If the committee decides that you are worthy to enter the seven top, then you will be paid a monthly sum of up to 1000 pounds, as well as starting financial incentives in the amount of 800 pounds.


First of all, the University of Cambridge prefers to students who have completed the program A-Level and passed the final exams of 4-5 subjects studied in-depth type. The University provides all the points obtained in these subjects, but note mainly taken those on which they intend to further study at Cambridge. Preferably, the candidates had the highest marks – A.


For example, students admitted to Cambridge in 2015, 70% had the highest score on the A-Level – 360 points, ie 120 points for each of the three handed in the school final examinations. Of these, 95% received a place at university. Today, UK universities are very popular. And that is no wonder, because the standards of the education system worked well for many centuries. Their inherit a lot of the advanced countries of the world. British diplomas accepted in 50 different advanced countries. That is why there is a large influx of foreign students seeking education in England. Of particular interest to students it seems to Cambridge.


In its recommendations on the admission selection committee has identified three main points: academic ability and potential, independence of mind, a passion for the chosen specialty. At the moment, the share of foreign students studying at undergraduate level programs – 10 percent.


In April-May, candidate must independently examine the programs offered by the university, colleges and those in which these programs are implemented. Entrants are advised to contact a trained person – an advisor who will recommend the program and college. From June to October, you must fill out an application for admission, putting all the necessary documents, including the results of entrance examinations. During September-December, foreign students must pass an interview either in the university or in the same country where the university conducts interviews.


For admission to the University of Cambridge, as well as in any other UK university foreign entrants not enough to have a certificate of graduation, you must either pass the preparatory stage of A-Level or study in educational institution one or two years. Particular attention selection committee is drawn to the fact that in those subjects, which are considered among the leading and are only required excellent results – mark A by the British system. Also welcomes the achievements in the selected area: the victory in the competitions, the presence of research, participation in conferences. Does the candidate qualify for a place at Cambridge, you can learn only by contacting the special division – Cambridge Admissions Office. You also need proof of language proficiency – IELTS 7.0 points on a scale.


For admission to all specialties need to pass an interview. Other tests are optional for different specialties. For example, for the study of mathematics is necessary to write the test directly at the interview, for the study of language – the test and essay, for architectural specialties – portfolio. However, in all colleges test list for the same specialties – different.


There are a limited number of grants for international students that cover tuition fees or college fees. To learn more details about these features, you must either contact the Cambridge Admissions Office or representative of department in the college where candidate comes. A much larger number of grants offered to undergraduates and graduate students.


In Cambridge – 31 colleges, of which three college – for females and six take only on bachelor. Each college has its own territory. Choice of college – one of the most important decisions to be taken by the student submitting documents. Each college has its own infrastructure. Cambridge Guide emphasizes that the college – is a place where students learn, live and spend their time.


Among all students who have submitted documents through the centralized UCAS system, after the first part of students who has not passed in Cambridge are trying to do for 3-4 people in the place – and all are equally good results for parameters such as assessment, references and Personal Statement. Therefore, to accept best of the best, Cambridge invite these students to an interview in early December. Interviews are very different from each other depending on the subject and college where the student arrives.


Anyway, the interview is the most important components for taking and allows the professors who will teach the incoming students personally choose those they consider the most capable and suitable for learning in Cambridge, where great emphasis is placed on close contact between professors and students .




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