How is guaranteed to go to Cambridge on a free basis. As a free study at the University of Cambridge, receiving grants and scholarships. The procedure and conditions of free admission and study at Cambridge for foreign students.


Today we will talk about how to enroll in Cambridge guaranteed free of charge. Also we learn how to free study in the University of Cambridge, receiving grants and scholarships. Consider the procedure and conditions of free admission and training at Cambridge for foreign students.


Study in Cambridge for English speaking students can begin with the filing of the application. The required documents in the application are certificates samples, a list of educational institutions where did you study, as well as mini-essays, calculated at 5 pages in A4 format. In it the applicant must specify the vector of their aspirations, ambitions and direction in education.


Cambridge Commission receives annually about 18,000 such statements from all around of the world. Admission procedure does not involve exams, admission of foreigners can occur in two main ways. One for those persons who have previously studied in England, graduating from high school or university, and have certificates of British standards. Others – those who don’t have a diploma of the British, had never studied in the country, but would like to go to Cambridge.


In the first case, commission will consider certification points at A-level. The ideal situation is considered to be a mark “A” – the highest score. However, those students who passed the exams with a grade of “B”, but in-depth type of study, are also considered and not eliminated from the competition, since the in-depth study program corresponds to AEA – Advanced Extention Awards. School graduates who passed the IB – International Baccalaureate have good chances of getting into Cambridge if scored from 38 to 45 points.


If you are a student who is not ever studied in Britain, and you have reached the age of 18, then proceed as follows. In the first place – make your diploma equivalent to the British. In England the students need 13 years. To make it possible, continue your education some years in high school or university in your native country. Next – standard application process, however, for foreign students definitely need to make an IELTS scores. This assessment of English language in Cambridge are considering only 7.0 points, but better of 7.5 points.


It’s no secret that the huge demand and benchmark the quality of teaching standards give rise to tremendous competition and high pricing. Most people stops in filing documents in Cambridge, doubting the possibility to pay the full course of study. However, the university provided the program is loyal to foreigners, if you go the contest, the study in Cambridge can be free of charge.


Cambridge program involves 7 privileged places, students who got these places receive cash payments. Payments are made on a monthly basis for learning at a rate of about 1,000 pounds, as well as given to start-up capital for adaptation in the country. To obtain such a scholarship you must write a statement with attached documents about education, and points, and essay. If the сommission receives your document, followed by the next stage – the interview, which lasts 4 days. Initially, you need to talk with the director of the institution, then – with two professors. Interviews are usually appointed by February or early March. Apply for this scholarship possible in the second half of October. Study in Cambridge – the cherished dream of many students.


How much does the learning at Cambridge – a burning question for those wishing to enter. Of course, to assume that learning will require a minimum of financial investment in this case is not necessary. The key pricing factors are the criteria: the type of training program, degree, according to which the certificate will be issued, as well as the specialization. But this case is unusual. The thing is that Cambridge has an international student composition, and include students from around 140 different countries. They are also making significant investments in the treasury of the United Kingdom.


The Admissions Committee shall review annually the statements of applicants for learning in the amount of 18 thousand applications on average. In view of the prevailing situation of Cambridge holds especially loyal policy aimed at maximum reduction of tuition fees. It provides various grants, scholarships, aimed in the first place a foreign student. To date, is carried out the program, which will be able to fully cover the cost of tuition in Cambridge.


How much is a study in Cambridge and how to reduce it? In order to understand how you can save on training in Cambridge, you need to review the criteria for the formation of prices. Tuition fees will vary depending on the degree. To date, Cambridge prepares bachelors, master’s and doctors. If a full training course in the Bachelor of 3-4 years on average, and for all medical specialties 5 years, all training is expensive. Especially given the stay, accommodation can go monthly from 1000 to 800 pounds. Living in the suburbs, not in the capital can help to reduce financial costs.


If we talk about the master’s, the training lasts only 1 year. Accordingly, this degree will far more economical. That is why foreign students choose to study at master’s in Cambridge, it is advantageous and time-consuming (as we have obtained the degree of 2 years) and for the prestige of the diploma.


One can not ignore the specialization, talking about tuition fees. Thus, humanitarian direction slightly cheaper. Diploma psychologist, for example, in Cambridge, you can get for 15 thousand pounds, paid annually. More relevant specialization by type of lawyers, economists, public administration, etc., costing to students in 20 thousand a year.



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