Great Gatsby American Dream

(Part 2)


American Dream


Money, fame and family, isn’t that what everybody wants to have. People in the United States during the 1920’s wanted exactly that. Jay Gatsby was one of those people. Many obstacles came about during his life. He was in love with Daisy. He wanted to be famous and have many friends. His past rumors about him being a spy or a gangster made people run away from being his friend and Daisy would never leave Tom for him. In The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby shows what it is like to be an American and have a dream. He wants his one love Daisy, but not everything can be bought.

Ever since Gatsby first saw Daisy he fell in love. He met her a while back before anybody knew who he was. He wants her now more than ever. He feels like she really does not like Tom and really wants him. He wants to be able to start a family with Daisy and wants nobody else. He tried to do everything to get Daisy to be his, but in the end nothing was working.


It seemed as if Gatsby had it all going for him. He had money and power and peole felt like he was an incredible man. However, nobody really knew who he actually was so he had no friends except for Nick. He also did not have Daisy who he was destined to be with and would stop at nothing to get her. Even though somebody looks like they are happy, you need to be them for a day and really find out what it is like to be in their shoes.

He was not happy and knew he needed to be with Daisy. There was no amount of money n the world that could change him to be happy. He does not understand the fact that Daisy has already settled in and she is not looking to go anywhere else. Time was running out on his dream and he did not comprehend that. Nick was trying to explain it to him, but Gatsby just paid no attention. After the incident when Daisy ran over Myrtle with Jay’s car, time was almost out. Somehow Wilson found out and he was furious and though it was Gatsby. Gatsby was sitting around the pool with the phone close to him because he believed that Daisy was going to call. Nick tries once more to tell him it was not going to work out and to leave before trouble comes, but he does not listen. Later that day he is relaxing in the pool when Wilson comes out of the bushes and shoots Gatsby. Jay Gatsby never finished his American Dream.

Gatsby tried to cheat his way through life an still have a dream, but as shown you cannot take shortcuts and finish fully. He was in love with Daisy like none other, but Tom already had her. He tried to get rich quick and buy the girl of his dreams. As he found out, money cannot buy happiness. He also did not have a sense to know when to stop and when time was running low. Readers can learn that you should make your life honest and understand common sense of being rational. He ended up with wealth and fame, but never got the one thing he really wanted, and that was family.



Great Gatsby American Dream