Get Motivated to Study


Have you ever sat down with a book and looked at one line until you fell asleep? You know that you need to study, but you really do not want this? We hope that these ideas will help you motivate yourself to learn.


Prepare a place to study


Find a quiet place without irritants


It can be a library, a cafe, a room in your apartment or any other quiet place. Avoid places where you are most likely to run into friends.


Stock up on everything you need to learn


Make sure that you have everything you need: pens, pencil, paper, markers and so on. You don’t want to interrupt your studies in search of the office supplies you need.


Place near yourselves water and food for a snack


People are much more productive when they consume enough fluids, besides it will save you from thirst. Small portions of nuts, energy bars or fruit will add energy to you.

Avoid “fast food” and baking. Pizza, hamburgers, donuts, muffins and croissants will provide you with fast energy, but after you eat them, you will want to sleep.


Take away all the irritants


Wear comfortable clothing


Small irritants, such as the need to constantly pull up pants, can distract your attention. Wear familiar clothing that does not clutter and comfortably sit on you.
If you have long hair, tie it up so that it falls over your eyes.


Put the phone in silent mode


You should not be distracted by the calls of friends and family members while studying. Warn them in advance that you need time to study, if you think they will worry.


If possible, turn off the computer


If it is not necessary for you to study, turn off the computer. Also, stay away from public computers. This minefield of potential stimuli. It’s too easy to say to myself “I just want to check my mail” or “I’ll just read the latest news about celebrities”. You will not notice how to spend an empty whole hour.

If you do not need to use a computer in school, then think about the ability to print the information you need after receiving it. Thus, you will not be tempted to open another bookmark in the browser and check the tape in the social network.

If you only need to use Word, think about the ability to temporarily disable Internet access.


Set your goals


Set specific goals


Think about specific, achievable goals, and not about common words. Instead of saying to myself: “I have to get a good evaluation in mathematics,” think about a specific goal, such as “I will study the quadratic equation”. Achieving this goal will allow you to feel that you have completed the planned.


Reward yourself when you reach the goal


Find yourself a small reward that will reward yourself when you fulfill your goal. If you are in the middle of the educational process, then you can take a walk for a bit, eat сhocolate or listen to your favorite song. If you have finished your studies, then you can play various games, chat with friends or watch TV.

If you decide to reward yourself with a short break, remember that in the end you need to return to school. Define a clear time interval for the break and do not listen to the voice in your head, which chants “Well, a couple more minutes”.


Think about what you will achieve by studying


To maintain a positive attitude towards learning, try to imagine what you will achieve, thanks to your studies. Present a good evaluation on the exam, receive praise from the teacher or a good institution, which you can enroll. Although, to study boringly and hard, thinking about the final result will help you move forward.


Prepare yourself


Make yourself a schedule for study


Determine yourself a clear time for study every day, and do not tell yourself the foggy “I’ll learn somehow in the week.” With the planning of time for study, it will become easier for you to stick to your decisions.


Do not delay


Do not wait for the last minute to begin preparing for an important exam or read a 90-page chapter. If you received the assignment on Monday, and you need to do it by Friday, then start learning at the beginning of the week so you do not have to worry about it at the last minute.


Get Started


Just get started!


Sometimes this can be the most difficult. If your training schedule looks too complicated, set smaller goals. You can read half the chapter today, and the second half tomorrow. Solve one or two tasks from the textbook. Remember, it’s better to do a little now than to end up doing nothing.




Say a big “NO” to using a mobile phone while studying. Turn it off and put it aside while you study. Many people are distracted by their phones. Put the phone in a box or give it to your parents by specifying the time when you want it back.

Try to keep notes in the course of classes correctly and keep them in order. Use abstracts in preparation for your homework, project or exam. If you are worried that you can skip something from the teacher’s explanations, while you are recording, then you can simply quickly and carelessly record in pencil in a notebook. You can always erase the recording with a pencil and rewrite the pen already legibly!

A good sleep is important for memorizing what you have learned. This is due to the fact that during the sleep the brain collects the information you have learned. At the very least, you need to sleep 8 hours in order to preserve your knowledge.

Clean up! Keep your desk and workplace clean and tidy. Free your training bag from unnecessary pieces of paper or pin all the pieces of paper in a large folder. When you are organized, you will not lose leaves with buildings, and it will be easier for you to work.

Do not give up. Expend this day for tomorrow one!

Tell yourself that after you reach your goal, you will be free and will be able to have fun. Also, do not give in to external stimuli. If someone or something distracts you, use ear plugs, cotton or turn away from the person distracting you.

Think of the reward you receive from your studies. If you want to be a doctor, an artist and so on, you need to study now and get good grades now, in order to get the job you want in the future.

If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask your teacher. Teachers are paid for responding to questions. They want to help you, and if you ask them a question, it will help you in the future. Since the teacher will see that you are motivated to study and want to succeed in their subject. Do not worry about what other friends might think of you. It is better to learn a lesson than to pretend that everything is fine, and you have understood everything.

Think about your smart friends. Try to be the same as them, learn like them. See how they learn. But please do not overdo it!

Sometimes studying with a friend can help not get bored. If this person is learning from you – it’s better, since he or she can help you not get bored. But do not be too keen on chattering, remember, you must learn!

Some people are helped by music playing in the background.

If you are easily distracted, learn by turning your face to the wall.

If you like to dream, then just stop thinking about everything, except for studying. Put all your thoughts straight and just get going. And also think about how hard it will be if you start to study before the very hard exam. The earlier the better!

Think about hiring a tutor. With a tutor it can be interesting. He or she will help you figure out what you do not understand. If the tutor is too expensive for you, you can always ask a family member with a good knowledge of the subject to help you.

If you are very fond of music, do not listen to it, because you will concentrate on the song and will not be able to concentrate on studying.

Try not to think about things that you would have done instead of studying. From this you will want to quit learn.

Don’t try to learn a large amount of material at a time. Depending on your schedule, you can give yourself a break for 10-15 minutes after each hour of study.


Get Motivated to Study