Freedom Essay


Explore the extent to which you think societal values should reflect your own sense of balance between freedom, equality and solidarity. How much freedom? How much solidarity? Why?

Solidarity, freedom and equality are very similar. They only have little distinct between each other, when it is ready further in detail. One strong element is that they all require power. This is the main element that is a huge symbol. Every country has its own sets of rules that need to be followed, so no one can `everyone is treated equally’ because they really are not. Each and every human being has the right to freedom of speech, but only to a certain extent. Lastly, solidarity is being faithful, every member of that group is more or likely similar. Now the idea of modern human rights have completely different view than they did before. It was more conservative and it focuses more the socialism. This is a huge step because then freedom, solidarity and equality get a different idea.

Freedom: `The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint’. Freedom is having the right to do what one desires, as long as no one is being hurt. As well as one may travel, whenever they need to. There are not many restrictions held upon us such as: going to school, chose what one would desire to make a living for. In a country like Canada, one is allowed to choose his or her identity without being discriminated upon. Freedom is strongly believed through the wants and needs of ours individually. No one has the full capacity to freedom even if they say so. Freedom is a broad term. When the term freedom is said, many think of being `free’. Free to do anything that one desires to do. There are choices made every single day, whether they are right or wrong.Freedom is about making choices, you chose who to vote for, you believe in who you to, and many more. These are all choices that you make every single day and no one can stop you from making them. But if there is a choice, then there has to be responsibility as well. For every action that you take, it is your responsibility. So freedom is actually not really about being free all the time, there many elements that come along with it.

Equality: `The right to equality is the right of all humans beings to be equal in dignity, to be treated with respect and consideration and to participate on an equal basis with others in any area of economic, social, political, cultural or civil life’. So being said that all humans are to be treated equal under any circumstance. Everyone has the right to equal benefit and protection. But the key factor is that one individual may be `free’ but not equal and vice versa. Essentially the lower class can do the same amount work at the higher class would be. As said before, any type of social value isn’t given to the fullest as they tell you. There are certain things you cannot do. Equality does not give everyone the same rights; each country has its own procedure to follow. Discrimination and racism plays a huge factor. Not everyone is giving the opportunity to make them better. There will always be who the society puts them on a side, and just leaves them hanging. We all know this is not right, but this is type of a movie that is played behind the scenes. There are some things that can be argued upon such as practicing a religion. We all are equal to practice our religion, but then there are provinces and countries who are trying to get rid of all the cultural beliefs.

Solidarity: When human beings are trained from birth to what is truth to youth will stay silent. Adults will stay silent, and the teachers will base their education on will be based on upon the repetition on an opinion, if it’s worth negotiating. `Clearly an equalizing instrument, democracy privileges solidarity over ego’. `Democratic forms of solidarity have always been understood in terms of what we have in common’.



Freedom Essay