Essay on Alibaba Business Model

(Part 2)


AlibabaТs success has told us that the distance between dreams and ideals are not far away, but it is not the pie fall from the sky, I have a few friends and colleagues of a site visit and repeated after the team of research, we believe that Alibaba is the main success factors:

Dream TeamТs combination of a clear development strategy + execution + effective + unique corporate culture ЕЕ?

Now the results of our research and analysis to share with you, initiate, but also hope you criticism and valuable advice, and seek common a better future!

AlibabaТs success has been close to myth, even though he claims are using international standards themselves, and AliBaba, not the slightest satisfaction.

ChinaТs Internet, the business less than 5 years of Alibaba, to have the performance and impact of today, there must be worthy of him, digging dig, and explore the profound connotation and unique reasons.

AliBaba in the success of many elements, we believe that interpretation of the dream team of AliBaba, especially worthy of focus. Too many entrepreneurs persons, entrepreneurs can not build a proper team, leading to their cause bottlenecks; the face of these bottlenecks in the case, although we can find a very comprehensive theory of healing on the team, many Habitat for Humanity in the discourse of scholars lamented wake up to reality, you can continue to learn Imitation learning the truth from getting close, but once things really imminent, most people are still at a loss without a tree, sighed with regret of the free copies. Dream Team Alibaba inspiration to us, allows us to wake up and look at itself, the team face the problem, stimulate program ideas. This need not find any reason to stall themselves, deceive themselves, so that is directed at the core of the problem and find solutions.

AliBaba tells us: a prerequisite for establishing the team must have a clear strategy.