Essay for admission to master’s degree


How to write an essay?

12 top tips – how to write an essay for admission to master’s degree.


1. Each essay – a unique piece. Please read the requirements of the university you plan to go. It’s better not even try to use someone essay as your own, even rewritten by own style.


2. Avoid the introductory paragraph describing your past, such as “Once I knew from an early age that I wanted it.” The introductory paragraph should contain ideas on the merits, so that the reader knew immediately what will be discussed.


3. Do not fill your essay with words that you rarely use in the conversation. The tone should be professional, but easy to read. Do not use slang.


4. Avoid cliches.


5. Also avoid the passive voice.


6. Aim for clarity and concreteness. The desire to tell everything at once can create an impression of you as a superficial person.


7. It’s not necessary to enumerate carefully step by step all the events of your life ( “At first I was in there somewhere, then do this or that, then I found out that something”).


8. What are your qualities – it is not just the experience you have acquired with age. Your quality – this is what you learned and understood from a living. By showing it, you greatly increase your chances for admission.


9. Typos and grammatical errors can quickly negate the efforts of even the most brilliant writing essays. On the Internet there are many services for spell checking, and you can find a lot of mistakes by yourself, just by re-read that you written.


10. It would be good to ask the opinion of a professional in your area about the essay (or show it, for example, your supervisor). Family and friends are rarely good advisers in this case – they have no experience of writing such texts, and the first reaction will be to support and encourage you.


11. If your educational achievements have weaknesses, tell us about it in an essay. Tell why it happened and what you learned from this experience. Failures – it also benefits from experience if done the right conclusions.


12. See again the essay and make sure that you answer the following questions:

Why do I want to achieve success in this sphere?
Why i’ll get it?
What professional growth gave me my education and experience?
Why would I want to do it at this University for this program?


master’s degree


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