Essay Apple Versus Samsung

(Part 2)


For the past three years, Samsung sold about 469.2 million units. It sold 114.1 million unit in 2011, 250 million in 2012, and 210.09 million in 2013. In 2013, Samsung surpassed Apple gaining more profit than them in the second quarter. In the same year, Samsung reported a profit of 27.06 billion dollar (27.74 trillion won) making it the highest earning company in each quarter after they passed Apple. On the other hand, Apple Inc. sold 442.35 million unit in the same time span. It sold 72.3 million unit in 2011, 125.04 million unit in 2012, and almost 150.3 million unit in 2013. The company recorded a profit of approximately 37 billion dollar in 2013. The difference between the profits of Samsung and Apple is that in the first quarter Apple had a net profit of 13.1 million dollar while Samsung had a net profit of only 7.2 million dollar.

People do care about the price of a company in the stock market. The higher the price means that the company is having a high profit. Samsung’s stock market price on is almost for 1,300 dollars on May 25, 2014 making it really high. While Apple Inc. on the same site has its stock market price be 614.13 dollars.

Each company has some negative points going against them. We cannot take people’s review because it will be bias to one side and will rather state only their side without looking at the facts but we will look at what is common between them. The negative point in Samsung is its huge amount of employees. Samsung has about 430,000 employee. We all know that the profit is equal to the total revenue minus the total cost and that the salary of the employees is part of the company’s costs. So as the number of employees increase, there is a chance in decreasing the profit is they do not do their jobs. A negative point for Apple Inc. is that it limited itself to daily used objects (Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, Mac, and Apple TV) while Samsung also created refrigerators, washing machines, and many other house hold items. One of the common things between Samsung and Apple Inc. is that both either have shares or own other companies. Samsung bought all the shares of Rollei in 1995. Apple Inc. owns shares in the computer animation film studios Pixar.

Finally, I can conclude that Apple Inc. is the better company in electronic devices when it comes to profit and sales. It provides for us great products and software’s and in the future will provide us with better products. But they have to watch out for the competition because Samsung is on their tail and soon will catch up with and beat them in all aspects.



Apple Versus Samsung