Entrepreneur Reflection

(Part 2)


As people usually say, and also we all know, that `entrepreneurship is an act of being an entrepreneur and to be specific- one who transforms innovations into economic goods’ (Diadem, Prince, 2010). I don’t know what my friends and classmates think about this definition but I personally felt nothing about this, until I took this course and had this Interview with Tino Corona. Interviewing Tino Corona, I now understand the power of these words. This Interview had taught me a very practical knowledge on transforming my innovation to a product or services.




As said above, this Interview has taught me a very practical knowledge on transforming my innovation to a product or services and was a great pathway to experience new things and learning a lot out of practicality. Before joining Small Business Mgmt & Entrepreneurship and Interviewing Tino Corona, as most of us think, I believed that a perfect plan will lead to the success, but after experiencing the practical feasibility in creating a product or service and giving economic value to it, my belief was slowing broadened. At present, I consider feasibility planning as also a vital tool for success.

The main reason behind this correction of belief is by experiencing and hearing the story and success that my cousin Tino had. If I was to be a entrepreneur I know one skill that you develop is time management. Even if he started off wrong or to early he was able to grasp the time management skills. I read in this article by Ralph E. Plaskett, that `true entrepreneurs understand that the time they put into a task or project is essential to its success, and ultimately their success. As such, successful entrepreneurs are cautious of the time that they offer’ (Plaskett, Ralph, 2009). I consider that as a lesson learn for Tino but to all the future Entrepreneurs. I use to feel, planning is the only path to success. When transforming your innovation into a service with a lot of hard work in developing your service and multiplying it. That is the moment were lacking with feasibility and time management occurs. Another important skill that I really feel that will help in anyone future in being an Entrepreneur is the patience and communication skills. Being patient is accepting that not everyone operates the same way you do. And that’s typically a good thing. I found out through Tinos interview that he was impulsive, or as Chuck Violand describes it as `shoot-from-the-hip people’. (Violand,Chuck, 2012). So, if you are out `shooting things up’ you to a great extent need someone to seal in the details behind you. This normally falls to a team member who takes time to logically think things from beginning to end. If it usually takes more time than you to process information, make decisions, and complete tasks. Although you may not move as fast as someone as `shooting things up’, and you are doing a good job and deadlines are being met, then you just need to be patient rather than not. The point is that it is working and everything is coming together. Communication is a must. If you don’t have this skill then it is almost impossible to be successful Entrepreneur. Even Tino believes why he was successful because he knew when to pull out and knew how to network. Chuck Violand, stated `It’s understanding that not everyone communicates in the same style as you. You must grasp that the best way to communicate with employees, customers, and suppliers is not necessarily the way you learned to communicate as you were growing up’. (Violand,Chuck, 2012).Hence, the talent to convey a idea in a manner that the listener understands. If you think about it most entrepreneurs are overenthusiastic people. I know this is true for Tino because when interviewing him, he had this incredible energy.




There are many steps required in starting a new business. Now, from what I learned in the interview and class of course. The first thing is to decide what is to be accomplished and what the overall vision is. You need to set short term, mid-term and long term goals. In other words, it’s called established milestones. You also need to know what the vision, dream, and lifetime vision is. The entrepreneur must also know what they want to come out of the idea. I also took the liberty to research how to set and achieve your goals. I found by an unknown author that “When it comes to setting goals, start off with what’s important to you in life. Take out a sheet of paper. Sit quietly, and on that sheet of paper, brainstorm what is to be accomplished between now and the end of your life. Then, consider yourself and your personal goals for the next twelvemonth period. Some key areas in which you might set personal goals include: family, personal growth, financial, health, social, career, hobbies, spiritual, and recreation. Write down the thing that you plan to accomplish or achieve or attain during this one-year period”. (Unknown, author 2011). The vision is the key feature of any booming business. Always dream big and never dream small.





They own the necessary needs for a maximum craving on themselves. When I take a look how our country was build on. I see my cousin Tino Corona because entrepreneurs invented ideas and wonderful visions that have formed and molded our society. But, to get to that place where Tino is at and people like him, it takes years of practice and determination. There is a lot in common between the challenging activities and the obstacles, rewards, pleasure and ache that entrepreneurs face in life. I am sure that entrepreneurs usually feel incredible amount of self-importance for all they have produced. They choose a long hard voyage, but in the end the benefits and liberation of it all is astounding.




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Entrepreneur Reflection