Discussing Different Types Of Identities Essay

(Part 2)


The concept of the ‘Background’ page of my digital journal is to add the basic information of my self, when it comes to knowing one’s basic identity. Another way of looking at a person’s identity is to look at their passport as stated by Richard Jenkins (1996, p.1) and Madan Sarup (1996). This is why I have included a passport like page and information of my self, to define my identity as an individual on basic terms.

The idea behind the ‘Place’ page of my journal is to present places that made an impact to my identity. The page features places, I have lived in and the places that I went on vacation with that holds a significant importance or meaning to me. I have added the places I have lived and mentioned how many years I have stayed there. I have also added first vacation destinations that I went with my family and alone with my friends.

I have included the ‘Music’ page of my journal because music is one of the factors that represent my identity or how I express my identity. In emotional moments of my life, I listen to music to comfort me and calm me down.

Fashion is one of the things the interests me. As the famous fashion designer, Coco Chanel stated that people could express their identity or their personality on their sense of style. Every time I go out I express my mood or the way I am feeling with the clothes I wear.
The culture of which a person is bought up unto or the culture they have taken into account in the later stage of their life affects their individual identity.

The rational behind the ‘Future’ page of my digital journal is to show how I intend to improve myself in the future. This page shows my goals in my career and my goals as an individual.
I have used various softwares to generate my digital media project. In order to make my images fit for the concept of my digital journal, I have use the digital image manipulating application software, ‘Adobe Photoshop CS6’. In putting the layout of the elements, the text and the images used, I have used the desktop publishing application software called ‘Adobe InDesign’. I have chosen these two application software since proficiency on using the softwares Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign are highly regarded on my desired career industry, I took this opportunity to enhance my skills on these two programs.
For the visuals used on the digital journal, the collection of the photographs is from my own photographs and online images.

I have also employed the use of typography to extenuate the ideas and meaning of my text input on each of the pages I have generated.

If I were given a chance to do this project brief in the future I would include more multimedia on my digital journal. During the first stages of conceptualizing this digital journal, I have initially planned it to be interactive and full of multimedia elements. However, I have encountered some technical problems. One of the technical problems I have encountered is the embedded video keep getting corrupted or it was unable to play the way I wanted to. Ultimately it was difficult to find application software or a host where I can export Interactive Journal, for it to be viewed externally. In terms of the amount of content, I would be obliged to add more content in the future, instead of doing snapshots. I feel like each pages was too brief to get a good sense of my identity.

However, despite of all the problems I have encountered in making the digital media project and shortfalls of the platform I have chosen, there were numerous things I have enjoyed in conducting this project. One of the things I enjoyed in this project is the making of the digital media project itself. One of my interest and hobby as an individual is editing. I enjoy editing different kinds of media, whether photo, video or audio. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of compiling and generating my digital journal. I also like the concept of the project; it was interesting to see how my identity as a person has changed through out the years. I thought my identity, as a person didn’t change as when I was a child to who I am now. I think identity is one the things that is undetectable or immeasurable of change.

Another thing I have enjoyed during this project is researching to the theories of Identity and representation of Identity. During my research I have realised that there has been plenty of studies and research that has gone to theorising ‘Identity’. However it seems like the way that ‘Identity’ is portrayed as volatile and constantly within a process of changing as Bauman expressed (2003), similarly so it the way that there is fool proof theory that can explain how individuals attain, express, develop or construct Identity as an individual.


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Different Types Of Identities