Critical articles, advice on writing


Article having a critical focus, identify and condemn the negative phenomenon is called critical. Critical article – a kind of journalistic genre. To learn how to write such articles, will be discussed.


First of all decide the theme. Write about what you need, what you really understand. The theme for this article can serve as an event that caused the public interest known human activity, release of a new movie or book.


By the way, if you criticize the work of art, or someone’s article, it will be not just a critical article, and literary-critical. This article looks at the artwork on all sides, assesses its social, aesthetic and moral value, humanistic orientation.


After selecting a topic, define the main idea of the article specify the topic, title of the article. Locate the main key words that would express the problem posed, check the basic concepts involved in the formulation of the theme – it will be necessary to write it on this. Also it is necessary to determine the goals and objectives of the article. What do you want to achieve from readers – get to think, cause some response, to enter into the debate? If the article will be published to your blog, it can be controversial, especially if the topic is relevant at the moment. Be prepared for this.


It is necessary to make a plan of the article. It will help make the structure of the text more logical to combine all of the same basic idea and avoid duplication. The text must be coherent. The article should express their views on the subject criticized, express personal attitudes, evaluate it, highlight the special properties of the object. Next – to prove a point, why do you think that way, and not otherwise, to make conclusions and generalizations.


Before you start, it is possible, and even necessary, to get acquainted with other critical article on your topic of interest. The views of other authors may be useful, for example, you can pay attention to some less illuminated parts, or stumble upon some interesting idea.
Critical article should have a conclusion in which you sum up the results of the above, the conclusions drawn. It is possible to express the main idea of the article of the epigraph of a work corresponding to your subject (especially if written critical articles).


Critical articles