Creative Writing. Version of Stephen King


Are you agree, when it comes to give advices and tips for writing a well-selling books, it makes sense to submit the relevant requirements to the writer, plays the role of guru. He must be popular, and his books are sell good. And who of contemporary authors sells more than Stephen King? Therefore, first of all, we will explore the method of King outlined them in his memoirs, entitled “On Writing”.


Local color


The first thing is to say: the memoirs of King – this is not a tutorial or handbook. It’s really a memoir, with the book, as always, excellent style, so read it in the same breath as a fascinating novel about a young man who has become a writer. About a young man who, become a mature man and shared with novices knowledge of how to write a book. It should be borne in mind that the book is written for Americans and it deals about the American publishing market.


A friendly pat


At the same time in the memoirs of Stephen King, you will find many useful tips. The friendly tone is captivating: Mr. King with a clear respect for the beginners, welcoming their desire to win the glory of a writer’s work.


The main thing, according to the King, for the writers? to tell a story. At the same time, so that the reader believe, i was carried away to the end he could not guess the ending. To do this, the characters, the scenery, the events depicted in the novel, must be believable. As a consequence, the author advises to carefully verify its text, that is, to check for compliance with reality, showing the manuscript to professionals if necessary.


It’s important, according to the King, to get the main reader, that is, those who will be the first to read the manuscript, and whose opinion will be the most valuable to the author. So, for the King’s first reader it has always been his wife Tabitha.


The difficult trick


Mr. King so thoroughly tells about the conditions for creating a quality product, such attention to detail that inevitably forget about the fact that he – the king of suspense, the author of thrillers and horror films, it seems that you read the memories of the creative path of the writer, who worked in the genre of the sentimental novel.



So his version of the successful creation of the book is as follows:


– Be taken immediately for the great prose, that is novel, because the stories difficult to sell to publisher.


– Work on the manuscript every day, preferably at the same time, in that whatever was doing some for yourself normal characters (the King measures the manuscript is not in signs and words – its 2000 rate per day).


– To ease the problem, it is necessary to equip the room for the comfort and so train a family, that when you are at work on the manuscript, they not distract you.


– Not care about the story: According to King, the book written by themselves or, as he puts it, write themselves, most importantly, to tie cling. In fact, all of his books began with promise: “what if.” For example, “What if a provincial town cut off from the rest of the world a giant impenetrable dome of unknown origin”, etc.


– Not care about the idea: King believes that history is important, but not the idea, hidden meaning, implications and other writers freaks. The author is convinced that people read popular literature for the stories (and in fact the King is talking about creating a manuscript nonfiction format).


– To pay great attention to the dialogue: they must be alive. The main advice: the hero has to speak in the language appropriate to his social status, age, professional affiliations, etc.


– read voraciously and a lot, not only books in the genre in which the author works, but also to literature in another format.


– After the manuscript is finished, wait a week or two or three, not reading, and after reading the most, correct mistakes, and then submit the manuscript to the first main reader, then a few more and to correct mistakes found them.


– Try to sell the manuscript to a large publishing house, not exchanged for trifles. And at the same time with the negotiation with the publisher, working on a new manuscript.


The main principle of the King – always in the ranks.


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