College Education


College education is important to me because it is the next step forward to my success. I believe that it will open up many opportunities in making my dreams come true with me owning my own business.

I have decided to complete my college education because I have children that look up to me and I want to set a great example for them. My goal is to be successful and become a positive role model in life. My determination to succeed is my children. I excelled in everything that I put my mind to and education is one of them. I know the importance of having a college education and how it will motivate my children to do the same. My choices and opportunities are limited as of now because I don’t have the degree that will allow me to explore every option available.

College education is important to me because I believe that the biggest accomplishment that you can obtain from education is knowledge. College education can take you far in life, the more college education and knowledge that you have the better your life can be. College education and knowledge will help me expand new skills and ideas. It will also allow me to advance what I’ve learned and prepare me for life experiences that will benefit me and my children in the long run for the good.

With a college education, I can obtain my degree and be financially stable and have a career in the field of my choice. Without this education I would not be able to get a good job or support my family the way that I would like to. I also would not be able to lead by example to my children without having a college degree. According to Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

In conclusion, college education is important for many reasons and many people. For me it will help me be a great role model for my children and be a great example for many others. College education will also help me to provide finically in ways that I could never imagine. Like William Butler Yeats says “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”.




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College Education