College application essay


The small difference – Application Essay is normally required by those who goes to the baccalaureate degree and may be as some a specific topic, or your own theme. College application essay (Personal Statement) required of those who do at Master’s or Law School and It includes a story about yourself, about your life, professional / academic activities and how did it happen that you decided to continue their education in this specialty (or change specialty).


Sometimes the selection committee gives specific instructions that it is necessary to include in the essay or Personal Statement. For instance, Describe briefly your reasons for wanting to teach. Explain how your previous education and experience led you to the decision to ursue a graduate degree in education. Give details about previous teaching experience and other work with young people. But often found the essay without any instructions: Provide vidence in support of your application.


And so, how to write an essay?


General Tips:


1. Answer the questions that are asked


Never try write a “universal” essay, suitable for all universities, where you served. Most likely, this essay is not impressed by the reception commission of any university. Moreover, various universities have different culture and appreciate entrants different skills – highlight the necessary skills and experience for each university.


2. Tell a story


Build your essay to demonstrate your experience and specific life examples. One of the worst things that can be done to the selection committee is to write boring essay. Your essay should be lively, different from all rest and be remembered for a long time.
A bad example: “I like to be surrounded by people with a variety of backgrounds and interests “.
A good example: “During that night, i sang the theme song from Casablanca with a baseball coach who thinks he’s Bogie, discussed Marxism with a little old lady, and heard more than I ever wanted to know about some woman’s gall bladder operation. ”


3. Be specific


For example, it’s not necessary to say that out of you It would make an excellent doctor, if you can not give specific life examples to confirm this statement. Your wish to become a lawyer, an engineer, or anyone else, should be the result of a specific experience, as described in your essay. Your application should be the logical conclusion of your life stories.
A bad example: “I want to help people. I have gotten so much out of life through the love and guidance of my family, I feel that many individuals have not been as fortunate; therefore, i would like to expand the lives of others. ”
A good example: “My Mom and Dad stood on plenty of sidelines’ til their shoes filled with water or their fingers turned white, or somebody’s golden retriever signed his name on their coats in mud. I think that kind of commitment is what I’d like to bring to working with fourth-graders.”


4. Find the “right angle”


It is important to show your story under the interesting angle, make it interesting and unusual find way to describe who will “catch” any who would read your essay.


5. Pay attention to the first paragraph


The first section (opening paragraph) is extremely important. This is where you either grasping the reader’s attention, or you lose it. This paragraph becomes the basis for all that follows.


6. Tell us about what you know


The “heart” of your essay – interests and experience in the field in which you want to go, and knowledge of it. Very many people want to do on a particular profession without any knowledge of this specialty. Tell me what you know about the field you are interested in using professional language. Tell us about your professional experience (Work, research, etc.), employment, conversations with people from the industry, the books you read, seminars, visited, or any other resources that you
used in order to learn more about the profession, which you want to receive, and why you are suitable for this profession.


7. Do not talk about certain things


For example, if you act in master’s degree, it is not necessary to cite examples from the school of life. Can the impression that after-school time you spent in vain. Also, do not talk about the potentially controversial issues (Religious, political, etc.) – you never know, a person with what convictions will read your essay.


8. Explain why you’re setting it in the university and
precisely on this program


The peculiarities of the specific program and the university and explain your choice. If important to you certain geographical or cultural factors that gives university, it would not be amiss to mention it.


9. Pay attention to grammar and punctuation!


If you are a foreign student it doesn’t entitle you to write an essay with errors.
Most of the members of the selection committee noted that literacy It plays a decisive factor when choosing a student. Also, observe set a limit on the number of words.


10. Avoid cliches


The applicant in the medical school, who writes, he is very well versed in the natural sciences and wants to help people, not to express any original ideas. Stay away from the hackneyed phrases and statements. Bring in your essay something new.


11. Do not write an autobiography


Do not write in the essay that can be found in other documents of your application. It is not interesting.
Unsuccessful Example: “During my junior year, i played first singles on the tennis team, served on the student council, maintained a B + average, traveled to France, and worked at a cheese factory.”


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