Case Analysis Land Rover North America

(Part 2)


There are two other possible positions that could have been adopted, one which would have positioned the Discovery as a more affordable Range Rover, and the other which would have marketed the discovery as the evolved Land Rover to 4×4 enthusiasts. I would not choose either. Firstly, the idea of a more reasonably priced Range Rover would perhaps cannibalize Range Rover sales. Secondly, Land Rover already experimented with a reasonably priced Range Rover, called the Hunter, and that was a resounding failure, being pulled shortly after inception.



Exhibit 1:
SWOT Analysis



Analysis Internal Analysis
Strengths Weaknesses



1) Market the name of Land Rover as part
of the British Heritage.

2) Market the quality and performance
aspect of the Land Rover name to fulfill the
need for a leisure 4×4 vehicle. 1) Justify the higher price tag by stressing

2) Stress the need for safety over aesthetic
3) Create Land Rover Centers to exploit
the vehicles ability and give consumers a
sense of being.

1) Within its own Class, use the fact that
it is the only true 4WD.

2) Use the performance and safety to illustrate
the shortcomings of the competition.

3) Use Land Rover centers to enforce image
of quality and enforce a social club based
around ownership.

1) Advertising asking what cost is too high
for your families safety.

2) Use advertising to place safety over

Exhibit 2: Possible Ad Budget.
30 Million Dollar Budget




Advertising 15 Million Dollars
(TV and Print Mix) Corporate Identity 4.5 million
Discovery Identity 4.5 million
Land Rover Defender 3 Million
Range Rover 3 Million
15 Million




Land Rover