Candidate for President

(Part 2)


One has to review political policy, financial policy, character and many other aspects which collectively paint an impression. As if national elections did not cause enough chaos and passionate arguments about our nation’s future, this will be nothing short either. In this essay, the reasoning as to why I would elect Josh Thompson will be outlined and discussed. The President of the United States. One of the most esteemed positions in the world. Candidates campaign across the nation, spending millions in hopes of swaying the masses to vote for them. This essay will ignore current reality and all electoral power is vested in my hands. Such a decision can make a sane man go crazy. This is no simple decision, the complexities of putting a man into the white house go beyond a personal schema, but rather affect the nation in it’s entirety. The pressures of such a decision has made me sift through wisdom of great men. Teddy Roosevelt, Martin Luther King jr.; Individuals who have changed the nations path. This fact instills confidence in my spirit that I too can solely make a decision which will benefit our nation. Confidence which makes me seek qualities in candidates that will unite our nation into a prosperous future. Just as Martin Luther King jr, I too have a vision for this nation. My reasons for choosing Josh Thompson are his financial ideas, his education and his ideas for our future along with his independence from political parties.

At the age of seventeen he had become financially independent and always had financial ideas on how to save his money. He was taught by his parents always to think about the financial outcome of every choice. He has had withdrawal limit on his bank account since the age of seventeen, thus ensuring that he can’t make big purchases. If he does however want to purchase something over his limit he has twenty-four hours to think about it before he can do it. He has said this has saved him from making spur of the moment purchases. It maybe something small but it is something that average people can do to save their hard earned money. At the age of seventeen when he bought his first car he made sure he had enough to pay it in cash, but he paid in payments to help increase his credit score. He has always wished a president would spend some time making people more financially aware. As president, people are more willing to hear what you have to say. These are just some of his small financial ideas. They are ideas that your average American can do to better their lives.

His education has and always will be his number one priority. He believes you can never stop learning something new, that knowledge is power and shouldn’t be wasted. He has always told me everyone has the potential to learn, it just depends on if they have the motivation to apply themselves. He doesn’t own a TV but instead is constantly reading. He is one of the most educated men I have had the privilege to meet. He has studied everything about our past along with other past civilizations. He doesn’t just focus on one particular thing though. He studies about a wide variety of things. He knows how our country runs and has read about all the presidents.

One of his ideas for our future is changing the EBT card. We have both witnessed government funds being abused by people. One of the most common things abused he believes is the EBT card. He used to work at a small convenient store in a low income neighborhood. He would see people abuse it daily and he couldn’t say anything because he was just a worker. One time he told me a story about how these two guys came in and bought fifty dollars worth of sugary products. He believes the government needs better regulation on things like FAFSA to EBT. Some of the things he would like implemented in the government is drug testing for people on certain programs such as those applying for EBT. Also better regulation on people’s income to truly see if they need what they ask for, and what can be purchased through an EBT card. He recalls people buying boxes of energy drinks on there EBT, and then right after that purchasing alcohol or tobacco products. He is against people just outright abusing the benefits the government gives to those who actually need it. He knows that it is nearly impossible to regulate everyone, and that some people are bound to fall through the cracks even with stricter regulation. One of the ideas he has is that `junk food’ cannot be bought in large retail stores like Wall Mart. Another thing he would also want done would be to make it so people on their EBT get receipts of what they buy to show there only purchasing quality food. If they have kids it should be stricter on what they purchase. While some of these may not be able to be implemented they are still ideas worth trying. He believes we spend too much time overseas, and that we should bring our solders back home. Also, that there should be better or at least more incentives to keep corporation in the USA, and not have so many companies go overseas such as China. He says he is tired of seeing almost everything in the stores say made in China. He believes there should be some radical changes and that he is that man to accomplish what needs to be done.
One of his best qualities is his independence from political parties. He has always told me that he thought Presidents spend too much time on reelection and not enough time on improving our country. That he would like to see for once a president’s only focus be on the government and not his political affiliation. He told me that our forefathers never intended for there to be political parties so therefore he claims none as he see no use for them. I think seeing as he is independent he would not favor a democrat or republican bill just by which party they belong to. I cannot say with certainty that presidents do favor certain things just because of their political party affiliation. As much as it stings me to say this, I do have a gut feeling that presidents do, if so unintentionally, and that is why I think it’s time for an independent to be president.

After reviewing everything, I think Josh Thompson would make a great leader for our nation. I believe he can be the leader this nation needs right now. With the stress our candidates go through just during election time it’s a miracle they accomplish anything in office. I truly feel privileged in being able to select the leader for this nation. I know that Josh will live up to not only my expectations, but also to the expectations of The United States of America. It is time for radical change in this country. I have described why he would be the perfect president and I hope that once the people see these qualities that they too will agree. Josh Thompson has a vision for where this nation should be, and I strongly agree with him. With his financial ideas, his education and his ideas for our future along with his independence from political parties he will lead this nation to the correct path.



Candidate for President