Business Proposal


Allow me to offer


We regularly have to complete and submit to our current or future business partners a variety of offers. And very often this document is created from a form and its preparation instruct the secretary. Let’s try to understand the structure of the offer, as well as how to make it most effective.


Of course, in any business proposal important is the content and style. The requirements are minimal, and they are as follows:


– place the logo on the main page
– write all the text one font
– for each offer – a particular recipient
– avoid phrases in 2-3 rows
– do not build paragraphs more than 7 lines.


The form


Compositionally business proposal, consists of four paragraphs:


1st paragraph – occasion writing

2nd paragraph – message of the requested information

3rd paragraph – additional information

4th paragraph – an expression of hope for order placement and final polite phrase.


The first paragraph fixes the specific expression of the purpose of the letter:

Thank you for the enquiry (if any be imagined response, which is usually expressed in the form of quotation).

The second paragraph of the letter reveals the target using the following keywords and phrases:


– our business conditions;

– detailed information about the offered discount ;,

– our price-list

– range of products


Key words reflect the characteristics of the goods, the commercial terms of delivery and payment form and the information content of the offer.

The third paragraph of the least standard, because, as a rule, it deals with the additional information, which may increase the interest of the recipient in further cooperation in the form of placing your order.




When writing a business proposal be taken into attention especially the vocabulary of the target audience. For example, all of the destinations, whose professional activity is connected with the economy, would have paid attention to these words in the text, as the budget, marketing, target audience, etc. For technicians compelling reason to read your suggestion would be that it contains words such as operation speed, response speed, velocity speed, processor, gigabyte and other.

On the other hand, an overload of text cumbersome and abstract terms unacceptable. Try to avoid convoluted language.

The offer includes a typical business style for passive constructions: terms of payment are enclosed, to arrange the goods to be delivered.

The use of the subjunctive and conditional moods to reduce categorical statements is also a feature of the business proposal: we would be willing, we would like you to be our distributor, if you would kindly let us know.




Business proposals can be divided into two groups, personalized and non-personalized.


Non-personalized proposal (offer intended for mass distribution) corresponds to the items that we mentioned earlier: availability of concise sentences, professional vocabulary, business terminology.

When writing a personalized business proposals should be guided by the fact that it’s sent to a specific client on the basis of the previous talks. As a result of the negotiations, as a rule, are clearly identified needs, you need to associate them with the competitive advantages of the offered goods or services provided.




And further. There are nuances in use verbs: offer, suggest, propose and phrases with them, the possession of which make you feel competent in business communication and writing business letters.

Proposal – is a offer something for consent or refusal. You can also use a sentence: to offer something to somebody:


The secretary offered us a cup of coffee.


If we specify at what price, we say the same formula with the preposition for:


The sales manager offered me the item for $ 100.


We can offer to do anything:


She offered to bring a glass of juice


Do not change the order of words in a sentence. The wording:

She offered them to have some juice – contains an error: the pronoun “them” can’t be between the two parts of the predicate and “offer” to “do“.


Suggest – is to propose for consideration, but it does not necessarily mean that someone will seriously consider the advice given, the assumption or the motive.


He suggested a party to his friend.

Have you suggested it to the official?

It is often said: suggest (that) (should) do.

He suggested (that) they (should) cancel the appointment.
As for the cases of use of the word “propose“, they are similar to the previous:
I propose starting holidays on the 15th of July.

We proposed our new goods to american market last year.

The chairman proposed that the points (should) be decided at the next meeting.
Propose” among these three words has the most official tone, and is used most often in relation to business situations, debates, meetings, elections, etc.

There is also the meaning of the word, which is close to the concept of “plan and intention


What do you propose to do about this matter?

I proposed to go to the hotel and stay there.


Business Proposal


Proper use of language in your business structure, meaning the proposal, will help establish cooperation with more and more new customers.