BEC (Business English Certificate)


BEC (Business English Certificate) – a system of certification and exams developed by Cambridge University to assess the level of knowledge of business English.


BEC Exam Features:


· During the exam tested the candidate’s ability to communicate effectively within the business environment.
· BEC is designed for students who want to take a higher level career in business at an international level.
· The exam tests the four classic dimensions of knowledge: listening, reading, speaking and writing.
· The distinctive feature of this test is a selection of exercises, taking as a basis for everyday business life to test the candidate’s ability to use the different linguistic functions and structures in the business context.


Why a BEC?


Exam BEC – the key to many doors in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. It is now recognized BEC results in more than 60 countries around the world. And most importantly, BEC certificates indefinitely and do not require repeating!
Result BEC might need you, when submitting resume for the vacancy in the most prestigious companies, if you want to do important career. Most large companies in the world have noted that in the selection of two candidates for the position of top manager preference is likely to be given to the holder of the certificate BEC, since its presence indicates both a fairly high level of proficiency in English, about the ability to conduct business talks with foreign partners and about human determination to develop professionally.


Why BEC – is it useful?


When choosing an international exam, many are trying to choose the best option, in which the effort will pay off a brilliant result. If you are an economist, financier, manager, management specialist, the exam BEC – the best choice for a new step in your career!

1. In preparation for BEC, you will achieve two goals at once. On a scale of international exams BEC Higher corresponds to about 7 IELTS scores, on average, so that the present BEC possible and as proof of ownership of a business vocabulary, and as proof of the excellent level of language proficiency.

2. Prepare for BEC is much easier than, for example, to the CAE, and the result is about the same from the point of view of the employer. BEC Vantage – very easy to exam corresponds to IELTS 5.5 points. However, the certificate has an official action may be brought to a big company as an official document certifying good knowledge of the English language, as well as competence in business subjects.

3. BEC lighter than other exams given by economists, financiers and others., As it is aimed at people educated in this area. They are easy to understand compliance in any languages, it is easy to orientate in the terminology. At the same time, in contrast to the CAE, IELTS and other exams, the language itself is much simpler, no phraseology, shades of meanings of words – all this is much easier to learn, being an economist.

4. Preparation for BEC plays a role, and the training for employment – after this exam easily pass the interview, talk about professional experience, since there need the same vocabulary and the same expression, which have been utilized in the preparation for the exam.


Preparation for BEC


What is important to know before you start training?
Exam BEC has three optional modules – BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage and BEC Higher. Each module corresponds to a certain level of language proficiency:

BEC Preliminary (Business English Certificate Preliminary) – is designed to determine the level of knowledge of business vocabulary at Intermediate level or B1 according to the European scale levels.

BEC Vantage (Business English Certificate Vantage) – exam in business English for candidates who speak the language at the level of Upper-Intermediate or B2 of the Common European.

BEC Higher (Business English Certificate Higher) – determines the level of the business lexicon and is designed for candidates who have received training or studying at Advanced or C1 of the Common European.

Keep in mind that the preparation for the international exam focuses on testing of specific test tasks, but does not increase your level of proficiency. Therefore, you should take a cautious approach to module choice.