Architecture Of The California Missions Essay

(Part 2)


Windows were kept small and there was not very many of them. They would place them high on walls to protect themselves from attacks. Windows were the only source of lighting the inside of the missions other than the handmade candles they had. To take the greatest advantage of natural sun light they would make sure that when they constructed the missions they placed the windows at an appropriate place (Baer page28).

The final method for hanging bells is the campanario, which consists of a wall with openings for the bells. Most walls were connected to the sanctuary building, except for the one at the Pala Asistencia (Mission in San Diego) which is a standalone structure. (Baer, page 50)
Missions’ architecture had a great impact on California’s architecture. A lot of the buildings that were constructed around those times had similar structures, for instance, the way the windows were arched or the way that the patio had a fountain in the center of it. Not only was it seeing back then, it is also seeing today in modern structures. One really good example is the fast food restaurant Taco Bell. The structure of this restaurant is so similar to the ones of a mission; it is almost absurd to say that they did not try to imitate a mission’s structure.

I never thought that the architecture of the missions would be interesting and extensive, When I first picked that topic I was not really exited, but as I started doing my research I realized how interesting my paper was going to be. To be honest, I never really knew what the missions were all about. I remember that when I was in the fifth grade I would always see the fourth graders work on their missions. Since I came to this country in the fifth grade, I never go to do the project of the missions that you are required to do when you are in the forth grade. I always thought that missions were old churches that were started in California when Christianity was also started here, I was not completely right. I learned so many things during the process of writing this paper; one of the main things that I learned was why the purpose of the missions was. I know that that topic was not the main focus in my paper but through my research I was able to learn so much about the purpose pf a mission. I also learned about why certain structures were done in a specific way, and that every little thing in a mission had its purpose, for example; the windows were placed high for a reason not so that they would look nice. They would place them high so that they would allow the most light in and also to protect themselves from future attacks.



Architecture Of The California Missions