Apple Tablet vs Samsung Tablet Essays

(Part 2)




Apple and Samsung tablet industries launches its tablet provides its users with the latest technology and processor to enhance the functions of its tablet for instance Resolution, Camera Quality, Longer Battery life and more. Besides the improvement of it hardware they have also invested in certain applications which comes handy and convenient to its user such as the iCloud from Apple and Samsung Apps exclusive for their own users only.




Apple is a premium brand that does not practiced price competing between tablet brands such as Lenovo, Acer and other brands. Apple uses skimming and premium pricing strategies. On the other hand Samsung currently uses the same approach but Samsung has 2 categories for tablets such as the Samsung note 10.1 for high performance tablet users and an affordable Samsung Tab which provide a cheaper tablet range with lesser complex fucntions when it comes to its processor and camera. In year 2013 Apple announced the launching of iPad mini to target cheaper tablet market which is almost 50% cheaper to its current iPad Air. The launching of iPad mini has attracted a lot of customers whom always wanted a cheaper range iPad.




Samsung offers extended warranty and e-warranty to its user to all Samsung centers to replace any defects from its tablet where iPad only provide limited warranty to its users. (Apple Marketing MIx, 2012) Both companies provide free shipping services around the world. Thirdly both companies also provide a search tools online allowing customers to locate nearby certified consultants in strategic locations. Apple store offers iTunes gift cards which Samsung doesn’t. In certain countries Apple provide promotions such as $100 rebate in online purchases and back-to-school offers to aim college students.




Stephen P. Jobs was the chief executive officer of the executive board at Apple, Inc. Steve Jobs is widely known as the father of iPad and his story of developing a revolutionary product in his book as a public figure. Whereas Samsung hired different developers to develop its tablet and the people who participated wasn’t as well-known as Steve Jobs. In both products there are supports and care professional video providing direct access to technical support team to provide services beyond repairs.




Both company share the similar concept despite Apple is located in the America and Samsung is located in Korea. Both companies provide consultants network includes independent professional service providers and technology consulting firms that specialize in dealing third-party solutions. Apple and Samsung service providers are certified technicians, who complete regular training and assessments to genuine parts. (Apple Marketing MIx, 2012) Apple has over 200 retail stores worldwide including the US, UK to China and Asia. Samsung has slightly more retails stores, it has more than 400retail stores and customer care centers in Asia alone. (Samsung) Lastly, both companies expands it distribution channels in recent years including shopping malls and IT outlets.

Besides the 4P’s in the marketing mix we can also observed the additional Process element in both company by converting new and remaining customers through bold public relations events such as MacWorld Expo and Samsung IT Expo by advertising imagery borrowed from contemporary modern art. (Apple Marketing MIx, 2012) (Samsung)


Ipad Air against Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1


Ipad latest series, the Ipad Air in comparing with the Samsung latest tablet, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014, we can recognize that there are a big difference when it comes to the weight and the slimness of both tablets. In fact, the Ipad Air is extremely light and thin compared to any other tablets in the market. Besides that, as we know most of the Apple’s products is mainly build by aluminum especially the Ipad Air. Samsung on the other hand, is mainly build by polycarbonate materials. This is the big advantage for the Ipad air with aluminum in-build to bring more premium features to the customers. Yet, Samsung continues disappoint its fans with its polycarbonate materials.

However, for now the Ipad Air is the only tablet in the industry to boast a 64-bit architecture chipset, making it the most advanced device in the market (KVN.R, 2013). The Ipad Air is extremely powerful processor enables the tablet to run smoother and faster than its competitors. In addition, the battery life of the Ipad air is slightly greater than the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Although the difference between this two devices is not big, but using them the entire day at the same time will tell you that Ipad Air can last longer than the


Samsung Note 10.1.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 against Ipad Air


The first thing we will notice by comparing Samsung galaxy Note 10.1 with the Apple Ipad Air is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note will come with an S pen with some functions and features come along with it. Furthermore, the S pen comes with quicker feature that technically attracts customers who wanted to look tablets which has more features. When it comes to the screen display, Samsung Galaxy 10.1 2014 takes the lead with its HD display and 299 ppi or pixel density. Whereas, Apple iPad Air’s screen is also HD display with a pixel density of 162 ppi (Travlers, 2013).

Last but not least, the RAMs is quite important for a tablet because the number of RAM can affect the performance of the processor no matter how powerful is it. The Samsung galaxy Note 10.1 has an improved 3GB RAM than the Ipad air with just only 1GB RAM. Lastly, as we know Samsung devices always come with external storage such as Mirco SD card while Apple’s devices especially phones and tablets does not have memory expansion like memory card.

Throughout this assignment we did an online survey to study the popularity of these two tablet manufactures.


Survey Questionnaire


1. Do you own a tablet?
o Yes
o No

2. Please indicate what you use the tablet for?
o Editing files/ Documents
o Organizing tasks
o Surfing the web
o Making phone calls
o Viewing Documents/ Files
o Playing Games
o E-mails
o Entertainments
o Listen music
o Other ( )

3. If you were to purchase a new tablet device, what would be the most important factors that would affect your purchasing decision?
o Price
o Brand
o Operating System
o Form Factor ( size/weight/color/appearance)
o Connectivity
o Available Applications

4. What would be your budget if you were to purchase a new all-in-one tablet device
o RM500
o RM501-RM1000
o RM1001-RM1500
o RM1500-RM2000
o More than RM2000

5. Please rate what you feel are the most important characteristics for an all-in-one ultra-compact tablet. Please rate from 1 to 5, with one being extremely important to 5 being unimportant.
1 2 3 4 5
Digital Photo/Video
Battery Life
Operating Systems
RAM ( Memory)
Screen Resolution
Storage Capacity
Screen Size
Interoperability with other devices

6. What is your age group?
o 18-25
o 25-35
o 35-45
o Over 35

7. What is your sex?
o Male
o Female

8. Does people around your workforce or university uses a tablet
o Yes
o No

9. Does your family member(s) own a tablet
o Yes
o No

10. Which tablet brand you would most probably purchase?
o Apple
o Samsung
o Blackberry
o Asus
o Lenovo
o Sony
o Acer
o Other ( )

The Results of the survey shows the clear message that Apple has the upper hand when it comes to customer’s choice because of the intangible Brand name. In the last question of the survey ‘Which tablet brand would you most probably purchase 8 ot of 12 people choose Apple’s Tablet and 3 people chose Samsung with a person choosing other brands when it comes to purchasing tablet devices. In this Survey 75% of the people who participated is between the age of 18-25, 1 person is above 45years old and one at the age group of 26-35. The survey results also indicates that people focuses more on better hardware functions such as RAM, Operating systems and Battery life.




In conclusion, we understand that both companies have a similar marketing mix. Throughout the survey we observed that people has a better interest of Apple’s tablet compare to Samsung due to its intangible services because both tablets offer quite similar products by offering latest processor, lighter weight, high resolution and a faster response in an all-in-one tablet. With the element of price, it is essential where users are satisfy and finds value in the product they purchased with after sales services such as warranty and updates. Thirdly promotion placed an important role to attract more customers in a wider range to target medium-low income society followed by people who develop the tablet to gain popularity from the media to increase the image of the product. Throughout the articles and survey it clearly shows that the society has accepted the great creation of tablets for their needs and wants, the popularity of tablets are increasing and users are constantly hoping for newer IT advancement.



Apple Tablet vs Samsung Tablet