10 most common mistakes when writing a admission essay


Your motivation letter for admission (which is also called personal statement or admission essay) – is a unique opportunity to convince the selection committee that you are perfect for training in the chosen university. This is where you can demonstrate that you not only have academic achievements, but also able to actively participate in social activities and student organizations. Your goal – to prove that you are worthy of the other candidates.


Representatives of the admissions of the best American and European universities have compiled a list of the most common mistakes that students make in their essays. Try to avoid them in your admission essay.


1. Do not repeat what you have written in your application form (application form)


Your essay – it is an opportunity to tell the selection committee what they cann’t know about you, after reading your resume or profile. It makes no sense to lose this opportunity, repeating facts already known to them.


2. Preparation of the standard essay by all universities


This essay makes you just another faceless candidate. Select one or two reasons why this university do you think the best option for themselves and convince the commission that you are the one who needs them.


3. Uninteresting beginning of the essay


Do not begin an essay by repeating a question or view. Much better from the very beginning to attract the attention of the selection committee describing a situation that affected your decision to study at this university or dictum that reflects your position in life.


4. A large number of superficial assertions


It’s better to concentrate on one or two ideas, open them in detail and give examples of life.


5. Faceless narrative


After writing your essay, reread it carefully and ask yourself whether it reveals personality traits of your character. Your essay should be unique and it disclose your identity.


6. Lack of revision


Always check you have written an essay before sending it to the university. This will help you not only to avoid grammatical errors and typos, but also save you from such a slip as references to the name of another university.


7. The bad demonstration a sense of humor


No need to try to demonstrate your sense of humor in your essay, as what seems funny to you may not be so for the selection committee.


8. Fearing to be yourself


Do not write that you are perfect, enjoy all things, has many talents, doing a variety of sports and participate in social events, if in fact all quite different. Just be yourself and open in its essays is their unique talents.


9. Inadequate disclosure the question


Each profile (application form) contains brief instructions on what you should uncover in your essay. Make sure you fully follow them.


10. Writing your essay at the last moment


Write an essay in a hurry – not the best solution. Start to think of your essay in advance, write the first version, leave it for a short time and then return to it after a while with fresh thoughts.


10 most common mistakes